3 things you should do now before school

Top 3 Things You Should Do Now Before School Starts

Without a solid schedule to follow – a result of a stress killing, joyful and timeless summer (or for some a mindless boring one) we begin to lose track of time.  Sleeping habits are disfigured as late nights stretch into tomorrow, work spaces are neglected and become crowded and cluttered, and anything academic becomes a taboo.  In ways, these things are good as it allows our brains to recharge and prepare itself for the next school year.  But there are things you could be doing to make the transition from summer to the classroom less torturous.  Here are three:


3. Wake up on Monday, knowing it is Monday

Our schedules change drastically once summer hits.  Days become longer as we stay up further and further into the night and because of this the time we go to bed and the time we wake up become irregular.  In order to truly succeed this year, we will need to obtain proper rest and a proper routine.

Gradually fall back into a healthy sleeping pattern.  If you never had a healthy sleeping pattern last year then this is the perfect time to change.  Move bedtimes to earlier in the night and wake ups earlier in the mornings.  Once you are again back in a productive routine Mondays are Mondays and not Sundays or Fridays. 

Get yourself a day planner as it reduces stress and will allow you to balance your extracurricular activities with homework and a social life.  With a day planner you will know exactly what you have already accomplished and what you need to do.  A day planner will help your brain ease back into “productive mode” after being dormant for two months.


2. Stock up your supplies and Organize

Make sure you have all the essential items needed to have a successful first semester and don’t find yourself cramming on last minute purchases.  Make sure to have your pencils, paper, folders & binders, pens, notebooks, erasers etc. before your first day of school.  Laptops are a great idea as you end up using terrible school laptops if you don’t.

Declutter and increase the efficiency of your workspace.  A clean and simplistic workspace, void of distractions, helps your mind think and perform better as well as allows you to stay organized throughout the school year.  Being organized is a key factor to success.

Set up your computer before school.  This means setting up folders and software that will create a smoother and less stressful first semester.  It also helps that you are not trying to figure out how to use your computer efficiently the first day of school.

When the school year begins make sure all forms are handed in the day after you receive them.  This makes life a whole lot less worrisome for both you and the teacher.  It also shows that you are a responsible pupil.

If you are new to the school, educate yourself on the layout before the school year.  Once again this will help reduce stress and will make you look sharp!


1.  Get back in the mindset

Review your past quizzes, tests and accomplishments.  Remember your long term and short term goals.  Exercise and get back into the zone.  If you haven’t begun any homework that you may have accumulated over the summer, do it. The less stressed and more prepared you are for the first day of school will ensure a bright school year!


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