International Club in the Making

As if McNally wasn’t involved in enough humanitarian events, our own Mr. Gardner, Social Studies and Theory of Knowledge teacher, sparked the creation of a brand new altruistic club which reaches out towards those in need throughout the entire world. Not only does this new “International Club” raise awareness about impoverished issues but also supplies the opportunity to work alongside those in need.

 This student initiated club is separated into three main sub groups; one which focuses on fundraising money for school supplies at Kinoni high school located in Mbarara, Africa, another which focuses on child soldiers and replacing guns with pens, and lastly a group which fundraises and sells Kinonis’ local merchandise in order to raise money and support the village. Though these three projects are the base for this organization, they are not the sole purpose. Not only will students be allowed the opportunity to attend humanitarian lectures but will be encouraged to work collaboratively by sharing opinions and suggesting new projects which are not only limited by the Canadian border. McNally high school is constantly building relationships with other schools outside of Canada including China, Finland, and Kinoni located in Africa.

This group works towards bettering education and improving quality of life through constant fundraising, collaboration, innovation and creativity.

 “This club is already starting to open my eyes about what really goes on in the world” confessed an anonymous student.


You may be asking yourself “How do I get involved?”

In order to become apart of this newly introduced club, all you need to do is address Mr. Gardner in room 221!


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