(This review is written with primarily PERSONAL OPINION, if you find any error or come up with any disagreement, feel free to comment in the comment box below)

Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo(さくら荘のペットな彼女, The Pet Girl of Sakura Den), or “Sakurasou” is a series of light novel written by Hajime Kamoshida. In 2012, an anime series based on the novel series of Sakurasou, with 24 episodes of length, was released. The novel series consists of 10 volumes of its main story. There is also a manga series of Sakurasou on-going.

The story of Sakurasou surrounds the daily life of Sakurasou in the high school of Suikou. Sorata Kanda, who was a kick-out boy from the regular residency for keeping a cat, had to move to Sakurasou and live with other odd students of Suikou. One day, a mysterious transffered girl, Mashiro Shiina, joined their life at Sakurasou, and Sorata then discovers Mashiro’s incredible talent on art and her actual intention…

This series of novel has a very similar mood like Toradora(a very famous light novel and anime piece, which I also strongly recommend). Character develpment is portrayed through all the hilarious moments and emotional struggles as the story progresses. Book 1 to 3 each focuses on the join of a new member in Sakurasou(Mashiro, Nanami, and Rita) while they do fun, silly things together. Book 4 focuses on their preparation of cultural festival(a very common tradition in Japanese high schools).


A shift of the story appears in volume 5 and 6(the very beginning of volume 7 also marks the end of season 1 in its anime series), where the mood turns sad as conflicts(both internally and externally) build up. This is also the part where the Gr.12 graduation is approaching while Sakurasou is in the crisis of getting obstructed. I was very impressed by how this was done by the author. Scenes like the Christmas Eve and Misaki’s speech at the Graduation Ceremony really touched me deeply in the heart. I would say this is something Sakurasou has beat Toradora with.The strong characterizations and plot transition are two major elements that made Sakurasou amazing. Sakurasou doesn’t leave the supporting characters behind and only focuses on the two protagonists. Rather, most major characters are well-developed. Nanami, for example, has a very relatable character.

Overally, this series of novels is to be highly recommended. You will love it too!

Try its anime series too!

(Ranking based on personal opinion on NOVEL)

Plot: 5/5

Character development: 5/5

Language Sophisticate: 4/5

Overall: 14/15


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