Treat It Like Your House: Housekeeping at McNally

Entering the third year at McNally, I am quite confident that if anyone asks me: “is your school decent?”, I can simply answer “Yes, I love it.” to this question. Our school, McNally High, is a good place indeed. We’ve got great teachers, marvelous students, a variety of extracurricular programs and sports teams, exciting SU-held events and lots more.

However, there are still plenty of things that can be done to make McNally a better place for everyone.The problem with littering is one of the issues I want to mention here. Over the past two years I have been observing around the school and discovered an unpleasant phenomenon–garbage is everywhere. Well, some parts of the school are not as bad as the other ones, but places like the Cafeteria and boys’ washrooms(I can only comment on boys washrooms as gender limitations are applied) are not what I would consider the neatest or the cleanest in campus. The cafeteria especially shocks me. After lunch break(which is probably the worst time during the day for all custodians in charge) the scene is often just ridiculous. Opened food-packaging, leftovers, food and drink spills one the tables and the floor, overfull garbage bins(or miss-thrown trashes)…are often seen in this area.

Boy’s washrooms, too, have similar issues but on a different scale. Again we see overfull garbage bins, along with unflushed toilet bowls and urine bowls, urine spills on toilet lids, seats, and the floor. You got the image in your head. Another story is that on last Friday I tripped twice on water spills, both located in the main floor. Ouch!

McNally is a great school and where I really enjoy being at. I am sure that many of you feel the same way as well. So please, I sincerely suggest that we should do something to change this. Throw your trash INTO the TRASH CANS(or garbage cans/bins, whatever you call them). If your can’t get it in from far, don’t even think about it. Rather, WALK to them and do the deed. After you eat at the Cafeteria, CLEAN UP YOUR OWN TABLE because there might be people after you who need to use it. When you see liquid spills, report to the custodians or else someone like me might trip on it and injury, and that’s not funny. When using the washrooms(especially to guys) please do your best to keep the place clean. Flush the toilet AND toilet bowl after usage. Again throw your paper towel INTO the bin. When the bin is full, you tell the custodians rather than throw it onto the floor because custodians might be too busy to notice…Lots and lots to talk about, but I believe you as students at McNally are clever and considerable enough to act and think while enjoying your daily school life.

Let’s work together for a better McNally!


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