City of Bones

I recently saw the movie City of Bones. It is based on the book of the same title by Cassandra Clare, and it being one of my favourite book series, I was very excited to go see it.

The movie is centred around Clary Fray, a 16 year old New York native. When Clary’s mother disappears, she finds out that she is descended from Shadowhunters, a race of ancient, part angel warriors who protect the world from demons. Taking refuge in their Institute alongside her loyal best friend, Simon, and a charming young Shadowhunter named Jace, Clary must unravel the map inside her mind to find her mom.

As far as movies based on books go it wasn’t the worst, but if definitely wasn’t the best either. A lot of the choices made in the movie were questionable. The movie started off very well, but as it progressed it felt more and more rushed. A lot of the details that were needed to actually get a better understanding of the plot were glossed over quite quickly. If I hadn’t read the books beforehand I would have been quite confused.

The score for the movie was also not my favourite. Although I enjoyed the upbeat dance music played during one of the main fight scenes, I wasn’t the biggest fan of the cheesy romantic song playing during the main romantic scene. Frankly, a 13 year old girl could have chosen a better song.

On the other hand, the casting for the movie was absolutely amazing. So you should definitely go watch this movie if you’ve already read the books. I also recommend that you read the first three books before watching the movie though since there was a spoiler that could ruin the second and third books if you catch it.


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