This review is based on both factual statements and PERSONAL OPINIONS, fell free to comment below if you find any errors or come up with any disagreements.

Seitokai no Ichizon(or Student Council’s Discretion), was a series of light novel written by Aoi Sekina. An anime series, 12 episodes of length, was released in fall of 2009. Another season of anime, Seitokai no Ichizon Lv2 was released in October, 2012, with 10 episodes of length. The novel series consists of 10 volumes and a few volumes with side stories. Seitokai no Ichizon had made it into Kore Wa Light Novel ga Sugoi award in the fifth at its best, and still remained on top 10 for the next few years. There is also a manga series drawn by 10mo on-going.

File:Seitokai no Ichizon vol01.jpg

Brief plot summary: Ken Sugisaki, is a 2nd year boy in (school). In there he joined the student council with the top marks where all other members are girls elected by popular votes. The whole story is basically these member reveal each of their own past, emotion, and new relationship with one other while chatting in the student council office. There are barely any scenes that are outside of the student council office, but rather some flashbacks intergrated in the talk. In their chatter there are many references such as quotes from other famous ACG works, with the purpose of making fun of them, which gives it a good humor. Some jokes are obvious while some are not, so a little bit of anime background is required(for example, the author assumes that everyone watched “Dragonball” already)

Since their is nearly no plot advancement In the “story”(well, I guess you can still consider it to be a “story” huh?), characterization, rather, is being focused. The 5 major characters, including the protagonist Ken, the loli Student Council Kurimu,the Shiina sisters otaku Mafuyu and sports girl Minatsu, and the sneaky, mature Treasurer Shizuru, each has an unique background and profound personality.

I tried both its light novel and anime series. The anime seems to miss out something the light novel version has originally, mostly its massive amount of humor and sense of emotion. However its anime series do have some impressive work done. The choice of its CV’s and the music were decent. The opening theme song for season 1, Treasure was one of my favorite anime songs. The opening song for season 2, Precious, however, was not that impressive comparing to Treasure.

The flashback scenes(mostly concentrated in season 2), where the past of each characters was revealed by, were effectively used to create a shift in the mood. Each of the two third-graders'(Kurimu and Shizuru’s) past with their old friends was significant in expressing how each of them transformed into the character in the story. Sugisaki’s past was quite interesting, too. He was, umm, less perverted indeed(laugh). Anyway, the one thing I was most disappointed with was how the author ignored the Shiina sister’s past. The description about their family or school life was very brief, not even mentioned at all(well, as Mafuyu is a veeeeeeeeery popular character among readers/anime audience, I’m pretty sure that dissatification about it do exist…). Apparently they tried to make Kurimu the main girl in a harem-style(?) story, so i can understand if you go in want to go in depth with her background story. But even Shizuru got quite some detailed story about her own past, so why not spend more time on Minatsu and Mafuyu?

Overall, this anime is to be recommended to those of you who enjoy comedy and not too picky with the plot.

Overall Ranking(novel+anime)









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