The SUNIA Experience


One of the many things Mcnally High School has to offer is an opportunity to attend a seminar called SUNIA during the summer. Many of the students at McNally attend this seminar every summer, so TrigerPress took the opportunity to interview a couple of the students that participated during this past summer. One such student is now completing his grade 12 year and sat down to tell us about his experiences.

Alright so the first and most obvious question is what is SUNIA?

The acronym SUNIA stands for the Seminar on the United Nations and International Affairs!


What was the experience like?

My experience was so awesome. SUNIA is just simply amazing. I cannot stress this enough. It is the best seminar I have ever attended. Like seriously.


Would you recommend this to people?



Who can attend?

Anyone in high school can attend pretty much. Even if you’re just Grade 10 or Grade 11 or Grade 12 you can attend the seminar. So you can definitely attend it if you want.


Why did you want to go?

Well, to be honest I was just researching for seminars and conferences on Google and suddenly I found the SUNIA site. I go over the site for like 10 minutes or so and then since it has something to do with the United Nations and as you know I am a really involved person specially in these kind of activities so I applied for it because I just want to experience what previous SUNIA participants experienced. That is basically it.


Can you tell me the best memory that you have?

Everything about SUNIA is the best. From the bus ride from Red Deer to Goldeye and during the lectures, recreation time and debates. Ugh, everything is awesome.


What kind of activities did you do?

Uh, sorry but I cannot tell you that.


It is because we want every single student who will attend SUNIA in the future to be surprise by the amazing-ness of SUNIA. You will be surprise of everything that will happen.


How has the trip changed the way you think about the world?

It made me realize that we do not need to be in a high position, like a President of a country or head of something to be able to make a difference, all we need is to lead others and teamwork because I believe that “Teamwork makes the Dreamwork”.


If that doesn’t convince you to take the opportunity you have to attend SUNIA, perhaps the friends from all over the world you will make for life will. This is a great occasion to partake in many educational as well as recreational activities such as discussion groups, lectures, press conferences, canoeing, suntanning, swimming, soccer, frisbee and football, beach volleyball and basketball. For more information you can either visit their website or talk to J.V. about it.  Be sure to get involved and make the most of this amazing opportunity.


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