Hi, everyone! This already marked the fourth week of a new school year! Welcome those students who are new to McNally, including the Gr.10’s and the transferred. High school life is very interesting and exciting, yet challenges can come to you and make you stuck into dilemma(s). So……as a Grade 12 student at McNally, I am here to give you guys some advice in how to work things out a little better. Here’s how:

1-Choose your courses wisely.

  I know it might be a little bit too late to talk about it, but it is very important that you register for the courses you need in the April before you enter your Gr.10 year. The department of education in Alberta uses a very interesting system, that is, credit system. So you better watch out for the graduation requirement before you even register(okay, NOW you know what to watch out in the following April). If you plan to attend post-secondary education in the future, you will definitely need to think through it twice. Do IB courses only for the ones that you are interested in, rather than doing it in order to please your parents(laugh). Unless your circustance allows you to fully dedicate into school work and you are also willing to do that too, you should not bother doing full-IB program because all those extra work(i.e: extended essays, IOP, IOC, Internal Assessments, in depth lab write-ups) will eventually push you to the edge of a cliff.


So how should you register for courses? Well, it really depends on what your interest is. For example, a student who is good at Arts but not so good with the Sciences might do IB courses for English and Social Studies, and stick with only one or two of the science courses(like Science 30+Chemistry , or Biology +Computer Science). Note: each of the four core subjects are required in order to go on to any higher level courses.

Recommendation(this is all personal and it may vary if you take any summer school courses or such):

Grade 10(regular/partial IB)

(a minimum of 8 5-credit courses, or 40 credits in total)
-English 10
-Math 10
-Science 10
-Social 10
-Phys.ed 10
-CALM 20

-(2 of)Math/Chem/Bio/Physics/Science/English/Social 20 /Computer Science 10/Second language(10-level)

Note:for IB students Physics 20I has to be taken during your Gr.10 year.

During your grade 10 year, you ought to have no spare according to school policy. However, you can have one if you drop out from you option course(s) or such. Personally, I don’t recommend you to have more than one spare during grade 10.

*Our school offers French, Spanish, Chinese(beginner and intermediate) as for second language courses.

Grade 10(Full IB)

-English 10I
-Math 10I
-Math 20I
-Science 10I
-Physics 20I
-Social 10I-Math 10I
-Second Lanuage 10I
-Phys.ed 10I(or summer school)
-CALM 20I(or summer school/independent study)

Grade 11(again, for those Gr.10’s who enrolled in Pre-IB programs, know if you want to continue IB or not)

(minimum of 7 5-credit courses, or 35 credits in total)
+Full IB+
-Math 30I
-English 20I
-Second Language 20I
-History 20I
-World Literature 25I
-(2 of)Biology/Chemistry 20/Computer Science 20I
(if doing IB)Physics/Chemistry 35I
-Theory of knowledge 25I

Full-IB program doesn’t really give you much option to work around your schedule. And on top of these you have CAS hours to do too. Think about it twice!

+Partial IB/Regular+

(if you already did some of the 20-level courses in Gr.10, it will look a little different, and for students who plan to do Arts, you can just stick with science 30 instead of doing other extra sciences)

-English 20/30
-Social 20/30
-(3~4 of)Math 20 or 30/Science 20 or 30/Chem 20 or 30/Physics 20 or 30/ Bio 20 or 30/Second Language 20/Computer Science 20
-(2~3 of) options, (and/or a)spare

If you’re doing Physics 20 IB, you can be done it in the second semester of Gr.10. Any other 20-level IB courses are full year and you will have to do them in Gr.11. For physics and chem IB students, physics 35 and chem 35 are required to each relavant subject.


+Full IB+
-English 30I
-History 30I
-Math 31I/Math Studies 30I
-(2 of)Chem/Physics/Bio/Computer Science 30I
-(optional)Biology 35I correspondance(or do it in Gr.11 if taking Bio 20 IB)
-Second Language 30I
-World History 35I
-Theory of knowledge 35I

+Partial IB/regular+
(a total in minimum 6 5-credit courses, or 30 credits in total)
-English 30
-Social 30
-Math 31/ Math 30 studies
-(3 of)Chem 30/Bio 30/Physic 30/Science 30/Computer Science 30/Second Language 30/Options)
-(0~2 of)spare(s)

Example: My registered courses

Gr.10: Math 10I, Math 20I, Social 10I, English 10I, Physics 20I, Phys.ed 10, Science 10I, Chinese LA 10I

Gr.11: Math 30I, Social 20-1, English 20-1, Physics 35I, Chem 35I, Bio 20I, Chem 20I, CLA 20I

Gr.12: Math 31I, Social 30-1, English 30-1, Physics 30I, Chem 30I, CLA 30I

Summer School: CLAM 20

Again this whole article is based on PERSONAL OPINION, please make your decision wisely and consult with your parents/teachers/friends beforehand. I hope all of you can make the best choice for yourself in choosing your courses!


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