Tiger Pride is Vocalized at the First Football Game of the Season

(Photos are taken by Juliver Tomas)

The McNally student body was hyped after the recent Football victory between the McNally Tigers and our arch rivals; The Wagner Warriors.

The Tigers begun the season with a victory of 17-14, though the odds were not in our favour at the beginning of the game. After the proceeding pep rally, the Tigers had a large supporting audience which cheered throughout the entire game with continuous chants and loud thunder sticks.  However the game was not all positive for there were several injuries including #1 runningback Jeremiah who had hurt his knee attempting a play. “Jeremiah is a very intelligent and athletic runningback, him being hurt is a direct hit to the team. It doesn’t mean we’re any less of a team if he’s out, It just means more passing games than running games.” stated Tafara Nemutambwe, McNallys current slot back, quarterback and defensive back.  It isn’t confirmed if he will be out for only a mere week or for the entire season.

In order to get more information about McNallys most recent game, Tafara Nemutambwe answered a few questions regarding his team and his plays.

“I feel very good because it[the game] was against a rival school and this win felt better than a regular team. This was more than a game, it was war.”

Though the team started the season off with a win, Tafara admitted that improvement was needed. “Football is a team sport, if one person messes up, the entire team messes up. Penalties and assignments are another problem #nielgwartney”

The team managed some great plays and interceptions. Tafara claims, “I don’t know what my best play was, I had a couple.” Confidence being something that makes a great football player, others being “motivation dedication and intelligence. Willpower too.”

The Tigers are ready for another win at the next game at Clarke Stadium against another high school football team.Be sure to support your team and show some Tiger pride at the next game!


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