New Year. New Start. – Sophie

This is an article written by Sophie Scott a Sophomore student. She is basically talking about her first month in McNally. Enjoy!


Every school year feels like a new start for me. Another chance to try to be organized, another chance to get better grades, to try to eat healthy, improve your style from last year and maybe get a decent photo ID card. Every year that I get this new chance, it seems like all of my motivation to be an awesome student just dies away in about 2 weeks.
This year has been the exception to that. I have seen this in not only myself, but in others around me too.

I have Math first period every single morning. People who know me, know that Math is my worst possible subject. I have never been good at math. Walking into my first class, I had pretty low expectations for myself but Mr.Clark said exactly what I needed to hear, “It doesn’t matter how bad you have done in math before, how much you think you suck. Leave that all at the door because this is a new beginning.” This has set the tone for the rest of the school year for me. Walking into school with that kind of attitude has been amazing.

The bad grades you got last year that are still discouraging you, leave it at the door because it is a new beginning.
The friends who you got into fights with last year, leave it at the door because it is a new beginning.
The old habits of not studying or showing up late, leave it at the door because it is a new beginning.
The passive action of littering, put the garbage in the garbage because it a new beginning.

I could go on and on but you get my point. I once heard somebody say “People who end up being great, are great because they make ordinary moments, extraordinary opportunities.” This is so true. All of us have been in school for about 10-12 years. We are used to school, we know what to expect, we know what happens, it is nothing new and it is an ordinary part of every day life. For me, instead of just treating school like school but really seeing it as an opportunity that is going to make my future has changed this year for me.

McNally is an amazing school that is full of opportunities, but if school is something to you that is just, well, school. Then you won’t get to be apart of all of those amazing chances. I encourage you to create your new beginning this year. Join a club, make new friends, stay on top of your game. Get a new perspective on our school and see it as an awesome place. I promise you that it will be so much easier to wake up for school, if you have something to look forward to.  Start off this year, knowing that is a new beginning and do things to keep yourself motivated! Just as Amelia Earhart says, “The most effective way to do it; is to do it.” Be effective in having a great school, by making it a great school year for yourself!


About J.V. Tomas

| Pray | Love | Study | Travel | Adventure | Blog | Photography | That's JV's life! Juliver Tomas completed his final year as a full International Baccalaureate student at McNally High School this year (2014). He was the Editor-in-Chief of the official student publication of his previous school, Dorganda High School, back in the Philippines. However, they used "Filipino" as the main medium of their publication that is why expect grammatical errors or "carabao English" on this blog (He is improving his vocab tho). He was also the Editor-in-chief of the school magazine of McNally High School - the McNally Tiger Magazine. He attended various press conferences and competitions. He won the Journalist of the Year award at their school and was the Valedictorian of his class (Class of 2012). He is looking forward to be a Doctor someday and is planning to take a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences at the University of Alberta next fall. He is currently a World Vision Ambassador and a part of the Red Cross Youth Leaders (RCYL) in Edmonton. He is really engaged in any activities. He loves Sciences, Journalism and Social Justice/Human Rights. He believes in the saying that "Teamwork Makes The Dreamwork"

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