How to become successful at McNally[Part 3]: Using your resources

Continued from the previous articles. We have discussed about the selection of your high school courses and the ways to keep your marks up. But there are surely many more things you can to do keep yourself good while having your school life. It is also important to remember that MARKS DON’T MEAN EVERYTHING. Your grades are important indeed, but there are things you have to keep up to, for example, social relationships. This article will discuss about possible means you can use in balancing everything nicely by using your resources. By the meaning of resources, it doesn’t just have to be something you can “use”, but rather something you can “depend on” and giving feedback.

1. Friends and Classmates

Hanging out with the people you are comfortable with will definitely help in your school life. You can study and have fun together, making your days at school meaningful. You can go through the ups and downs in life together and stay connected. You might find friends that can help you with a certain subjects, and you can help others with homework too! We know that sometimes, as high school kids, we don”t like to always talk to adults(parents, teachers about our personal concerns, and this is exactly why we need friends. For some people you really dislike, try not to be mean to them. You don’t have to act like you like them, but try at least polite because one day you guys might end up doing a group project or sit beside each other…

2. Tools

When you go to school you ought to have all the “equipment” you need with you. Pencil, line sheets of paper, binders, notebooks…etc. For Math courses you may need graphing calculators because they will save you TONS of time on a test. Keep a dictionary in your locker just in case. Laptops will definitely help for schoolwork like essays and research, as our teachers are the big fans of Google docs. Also, don’t forget all the necessitate for yourself such as a water bottle! A day can be long and you don’t want to end up thirsty and unable to concentrate on learning. Always bring some money with you too. STUDENT ID CARD WITH YOU ALL THE TIME!

3. Places

The library is definitely a good place if you want to study, read, use laptops, or just relax. If lucky it is opened(closes occasionally) then you can make a good use of it. Computer labs are often opened during lunch as well, The cafeteria can provide you good meal when you need it. Water fountains are everywhere so you can’t miss. If you pay for it you can use the workout station between the two gyms(to stay fit!). And, last but not least, I believe we do have enough washrooms in our school(laugh).

4. More People!

Teachers in our school are always welcoming when students have questions. Most of them are here early in the morning, during lunch time, and after school everyday. When you need them desperately, go see them and they will be happy to help you. Other questions about school can be asked at the office or the student services, they are also willing to help any student in the school. For issues such as textbook problems you can consult the librarian at the library. If something comes up in the campus, the janitors can help you as well. In other words, there is always someone that can assist you at McNally whenever you need help, you just have to find them!


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