“Have you ever dreamed about flying in the sky before?” she asked.
“Yeah, when we were little.” I smiled for her naive question.
“One day, I wish I can fly up high like a bird.” She continued as we observed the constellations”And I’ll reach the stars–while holding your hands, of course!”

We looked at each other. I paused as she was trying to look of signs of “approval” from my eyes. When I finally answered with a simple “yup!”, we both laughed.

“Stay by my side, wouldn’t you?”, she said so as her head on my shoulder.
“Yes.”, I replied with a tone of determination :”Always, always…”
The shooting stars traveled across the tantalizing night sky and we both closed our eyes quickly at the same time. We could feel each other’s warmth. The sweet scent from her hair paralyzed all of my five senses yet emotions remained.
“What wish did you make?” I asked.
And she whispered by my ears:
“I wished I could be with you forever.”
But she interrupted me. The next second her lips were overlapping my lips. It was the first time I could feel her so closely without distance. For the longest time I could only close my eyes and feel the moment, where my heart overwhelmed and my tears out of control. I held her in my arms and her lips pressed even harder on mine. Neither of us wanted to let go, until she finally backed up from satisfactions.

“I love you, Lily.” She looked into my eyes and said the magical words. Her emerald-green pupils were always so shiny and elegant: “For eternity.”
“Me, too.” the two of us embraced again. At that moment I wished that time could stop forever right there, and I knew she felt the same way, too. It was too happy to be true, after all. It was as if anything could be accomplished by myself with her love presented. Any dreams would become true and I could see the future-our future-lied with bright happiness not too far from here.

At least it was what I believed then…At least it was what she was hoping for…



Complete blank. The world is consisted of mere white. It is as if I just woke up from a long, long dream.

There are thousands of questions I’d like the ask, but all of a sudden I can’t think of any. No one is around here.

The ceiling, the walls, and the floor are all colored in nothing but whiteness. I touch myself and try to feel the reality of my existence: head remained, two shoulder and arms too, and two legs…My five senses are running okay, no problem: now it’s time for an adventure.
I start to walk around and look for something that may be different.

Far away from the wall there is something black and blurry, so I decided that will be my very first destination. This place seems to be endless, so the first question “why am I here?” evokes. Yes, seriously, why am I here? The fact that I’m able to walk on my feet and think by my head means that I’m probably a grown-up or somewhere close–so who am I then? Can’t remember anything…my own memory is empty just as this place is. Continuing meditating around these questions unanswered, I’ve run into the wall.

“Ouch!”, great, now I have known that the wall’s made of transparent glass. So what I was pursuing was the image of my own reflection after all. In a closer look, I’m wearing a black pajama(with stars, how cute!). My light-blonde hair is long and curly. So I guess I’m a pretty teenage girl, I thought, that was worth the walk.

I looked into the “mirror” and change my postures a few times. Who cares who I am? I’m cute and (maybe)sexy, and that is all that matter. I stare at it and start making funny faces to myself, but it eventually becomes boring and pointless after a while. There isn’t even a watch or a clock.

There are no books, electronic, or ANYTHING.


“I’m bored…” I lied down on the floor loosely. I have no clue how much time it has passed since I “woke up”.

I don’t know who I am. Nevertheless, I have no idea where the heck I am or why am I here. This place is too bold to be a heaven or a hell, either. “And I’m hungry, thirsty, and tired…I wanna go home–where’s that? Never mind…”

If this isn’t a world of afterlife, then I’ll probably die from hunger or thirst far before dying from boredom. I stood up again and walked around to observe this weird place. Still nothing, and I don’t know my location anymore…but doesn’t seem like it matters at the first place. I could have taken off my pajama and leave it on the floor to use it as a “landmark”, considering no one is watching me(right, I’m a girl), but the though of dying from cold makes me giving up about the idea. Wait(I double check under my pajama), okay, I’ve got my underwear and everything dressed properly…
I lied down again. Everything is pointless now. Most likely I may spend the rest of my life doing nothing and wait for a nasty death, or even worse–stuck in here forever and not die. But maybe, just a “maybe”, what if I got thrown into a magical world or some bull-crap like that? So I try to concentrate and call out that one thing I want at the moment(with my arms raised in the air):
Nothing appears, so I call out again:

Still nothing.

“A COMPUTER(with internet please)!”
“A CAR!”

I yell out everything I can possibly think of, and nothing shows up. Instead, a few letters in red glow on the floor and looks like it’s in English…
This is the one only sign that makes any difference is this damn place until this point. What does is mean by “code”? And if it says “incorrect”, will there be any “correct” ones? Now I’m curious.

“How about this, GET ME OUTTA HERE!”

“Incorrect code” still remains. Life would be way easier if it happens to be this simple. I then inhaled and yell as loud as I can, giving everything I have got–though I really have nothing since the beginning:
“Bring me someone! Please! I’m so freaking lonely!”

And the next moment I am smashed onto the floor. Something literally pops out from mid-air and falls on me. I raise my head and check what’s going on between my upper and lower body. No surprise–I little girl in dress with black straight hair, confused, is sitting on my stomach.


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