Bringing your own device to school? – EPSB

Bringing your own device to school?

Make it a Chromebook.

Here are 5 reasons why:

  1. EPSB uses Google Apps for Education.  When a student signs into either a school-owned orpersonal Chromebook using their Google Apps account, they get access to all of their school files, mail, sites, photos, and calendars available through the district.
  2. Quick boot-up time of under 10 seconds means you can be ready to use it quickly.
  3. Long battery life and fast-charge.  6-8 hours of battery life for all Chromebooks with a Solid-State hard drive (SSD).  This continues to improve.
  4. Low cost. Retail Chromebooks typically cost between $250 and $300.  Models from several manufacturers are available online and in-store through retailers like BestBuy andFutureShop.
  5. Always up-to-date, no software to buy.  Chrome OS updates automatically, and the student’s Google Apps for Education account includes all of the software they will need.

Terry Korte, Edmonton Public Schools


 Personal Chromebook FAQ


1. How is a Chromebook different from other mobile devices (e.g. Laptops, netbooks)?

Google Chromebooks are quite different from other hardware because you are purchasing the hardware, operating system, and access to all of the Google Apps in one package.  There are no applications to install, no drives to map, no printers to configure.  Chromebooks update automatically, and because your Google Drive is on the internet,you will never need a larger hard drive.Here’s how they are different from other laptops.

2.  What types of applications are available on a Chromebook?

Chromebooks run hundreds of thousands of available web applications. Many web applications are available as Chrome Web Apps or Chrome Extensions in theChrome Web Store and top business applications are available in the Google Apps Marketplace.

  • All EPSB Google Apps including:
  • Docs (Work Processing)
  • Spreadsheets
  • Presentation
  • Drawings
  • Sites
  • Forms (Surveys)
  • Other Google tools automatically authenticated with your account:
  • Blogger
  • Picasa Photo Albums
  • YouTube (including your own youTube channel)
  • Gooogle Maps
  • SlideRocket (enhanced presentations)
  • LucidChart (Mindmapping, flowcharts, diagrams, etc)
  • Many more web tools

3.  Can I use my existing Microsoft Office files on my Chromebook?

Your EPSB Google Apps account includes 30 GB of cloud storage, so you will have room to keep all of your old presentations, documents and files on  your Google Drive. MS Office files can be opened as “View Only” files on your Chromebook, or automatically converted to Google Docs format and edited. Your call.  Students who move their files from their school server to their EPSB Google Drive have the added benefit of keeping those files until graduation…so when you’re in grade 12 you can take a walk down memory lane and read that book report on “Harry Potter” you did with your best friend in Grade 5!

4.  Does a Chromebook handle Flash and other web plugins?

Yes, they can handle most sites and resources on the web with theexception of applications that require Microsoft Silverlight plug-in,ShockWave or Java (e.g.WordleVirtual Math Manipulatives, some content, etc.). SchoolZone works without issues on a Chromebook.

5.  Can I add software like WordQ or Read & Write Gold if I require text-to-speech and word-prediction?

This is a true cloud device.  Great if you’re using Google Apps through, but not a good option if you require specific software that isn’t available in the cloud.  Applications (links to web-applications) can be added via a management control panel and are installed as links and do not require disk space. Be sure to investigate theChrome webstore for free web-based plugins such as Select and Speak (to read web pages aloud) or the Read&Write for Google (from the makers of Read&Write Gold) that may serve your needs.

6.  Can I print to a school printer from my personal Chromebook?

Chrome devices can only print to printers using Google Cloud Print. The good news is that any printer in any EPSB school can do Google Cloud Print.  It is a new technology that connects printers to the web. Using Google Cloud Print, your teacher can make a school (e.g. lab or library) printer available to you by sharing it. Google Cloud Print works on your phone, tablet, Chrome device, PC, and any other web-connected device you want to print from.Learn more.

7.  More Chromebook information directly from Google

8.  Reviews and information from blogs and the web about Chromebooks


You can also see this post on your Schoolzone accounts under school news.


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