Everything happens in a sudden and there is zero rationality that helps me figuring out what’s going on. So me, a cute girl with blonde curly hair is trapped in this “blank world” where there’s nothing. Even worse, I don’t have any memory of the past. I call for help and a little girl pops out instead? What is this?

“Ugh…who are you?” I ask the girl on me. Good thing it’s just a kid, or else it’s embarrassing. Well, it’s not like this is not awkward at all…

“I don’t know.” Great, there’s another person with no memory, so I’m not alone anymore! Well it’s not like it’s gonna help, because she looks like she’s only 8! “Who are you?” She asks back.

“I don’t know, either.” This is probably the best socializing experience ever in my life. “Umm…how about this, sweetie: since no one is here, why don’t we make a name for each other? In that way we know how to call each other, instead of just saying ‘hey, you!’.”

“I wanna go home.” Oh, no, she’s going to cry…”I wanna see my mom. But I don’t remember what they look like any more–“
“Don’t worry, big sister will get you home.” I put my hand on her head. Her hair is really soft. “But first we gotta figure things out first.”
“Which name do you want?”
“Mmm…” She looks adorable when she’s thinking hard. “I don’t know, there’s nothing in my head.”
“Of course you wouldn’t have any…” I sigh: “How about Peolla?”
“Yeah, Peolla. Just like the way you randomly pop-ed out from the middle of nowhere. You like it?”
“Yes…Peolla is my name…” she smiles, “Now I have a name…”
“Cool, as long as you like it–and it’s my turn now. What do you want to call me with?”
“……” Someone come help me, I can’t stand it! She’s too cute! “…Jamie?”
“Where did that even come from…never mind, it’s not like you know either. Sure, so I’m Jamie and you’re Peolla!” I reach my hand to her. “Let’s shake our hands to celebrate!”
“Okay…” She reaches her hand as well. I hold her hand and shake it gently. Her little palm is soft and warm.

“Alright! But before we proceed, can you get off from me first…?” We were in the same position during the entire conversation…
“Okay.” She stood up aside with her face slightly flushed. I’m on the edge of exploding for being overwhelmed by her cuteness attacks. I then stand up, too. For a second we look at each other without saying a word, and I turn way for her face so innocent. Ah, cuteness is justice…And Peolla doesn’t understand what I’m doing, so she stares at me with her head tilted. At this point I can’t control my instinct any more, so I hold her into my arms and feel her. A teddy bear is no match to it(Peolla:”Ugh…”)…Her hair smells really good, too(Peolla: “What are you doing, Jamie?”)…Her face is like a marshmallow…(Peolla:”Stop, Jamie~It feels sunny~”)…

“Oh, I think I forgot something real important…” She is finally released, for I have realized that there are supposed to be other better things to do, for example, find a way out here. “Let’s figure out how to bring us home, Peolla.”
“Okay…” Don’t know if she’s paying attention to me. Her face is all red, sorry!

“First thing, this place is a mystery and it has nothing.”, I say:” There is no entrance or exist. However, there must be a way out for there’s a way to bring us in.”
“So we can go home?”
“I think so.” I can’t kill a little girl’s hope, and I don’t want to kill my own hope either. “Just have to find out how.”
“The second thing is that there must be some sort of “keyword” system in this place, and this is the reason why you’re here.”, I say: “When I yelled out different things, ‘incorrect code’ appears on the floor. But when I called for you, you appeared. I don’t know where you’re from, but there must be something like ‘checkpoints’.”
” ‘Checkpoints’?” Peolla repeats.
“If we’re at ‘checkpoint 1’ right now, then the world we were from and where our goal is to get to ‘checkpoint 2’.” I continue: “But a ‘checkpoint 3’ is possibly somewhere, speaking of where you’re from.” I pause for a while. But what if, what if it’s my fault for bringing her in here? I erase the thought that makes feel guilty.
“Wow, cool~” Seems like she’s interested in the topic. “Just like a fairy tale~!”
“What kind of fairy tales do you even read…” I laugh. “But now, our only hope is to keep trying different ‘keywords’.”
“What’s that?”
“Just yell out things you want.”
“Ok. I’m kind of hungry now.”
“So let’s get started before we starve to death!” I put my hand on her head again.

So food, drink, a bed, washroom, car, bike, computer, clothes, shoes, attractive people, and calling for a leave won’t work as I have already proven. Peolla calls for a teddy beat, a bunny, and a cat, which won’t help but still good for experimental purpose. I mean, a bunny is nice, but I doubt it will help us get escape from here. My attempts are drills, TNT’s, a tank, a time machine, and a teleporter…stiff that have the potential for an elopement. 

Still nothing but the signs of “incorrect code” show up. We begin trying more and more different items and despair grows along. Don’t know what time it is now, but both of us are really hungry and thirsty. I become desperate enough to even tackling the walls, hoping it will crack open–and it won’t. The floor’s the same thing, and there’s no way to get up to the ceilings either.

“…Doors!” I shout. “What is it, sweetie?”
“I’m hungry.”
“Me, too. But there’s nothing here to eat so we gotta get out.” I say: “Unless you wanna eat me.”
“But you’ll hurt.”
“Exactly.” Good she isn’t saying something like “but it’s gross!” instead. What a lovely girl. “I’m not eating you, either, for you’re so cute. So let’s not give up yet. If you’re tired we can take a break.”

I sit down and she follows. “You can lie down and sleep.”, I tell Peolla. She seems to be hesitating. “How about you come and sit on my laps? It’s warmer that way.” I suggest.
“You’ll touch me and make me feel itchy.”
“I promise I won’t. I know you’re tired.”
“You promise?”
“I promise.”

And she finally decides to come to me, by half tip-toeing like a little squirrel looking for a shelter. The next second I can feel her. She’s got herself a very comfortable position, where her body leaning sideways on my upper-body. Her head’s on my chest(or not a “chest”?). My legs are straight for her to sit on them without touching the cold ground.

“Jamie’s soft and comfy.” She comments.
“You, too, Peolla.” I say: “Because we’re girls.”
“Mmm….” As long as she’s happy, it’s totally worth it being a temporary couch. I swear that this feels incredibly familiar to me. The fusion of her hair scent and the warmth emitted from her tiny body triggers my deepest emotion from the subconsciousness…

“Jamie, Jamie, why are you crying?”
“Huh?” Darn it, why are tears coming out of my eyes? “I don’t know.”
“Are you sad?” She wipes my tears off with her hands. “You say we’ll be home soon.”
“Yeah, thanks.” What a nice girl, I’m so lucky that I get to be with her at least. “I’m fine now.”
“Really.” I wrap her with my arms. “No you can sleep. Do you want to hear a lullaby?”
“What’s that?” I guess she isn’t too old for that then.
“Just close you eyes and listen.” I say. Hopefully I’m not a terrible singer.

“Dear, night has come.
The moon is bright,
Stars are shining in the sky.
The puppies, the kitties, and the bunnies,
Everyone is heading for their nest.
Oh Peolla my sweetheart,
Come to sleep, come to sleep,
You are not alone.
Oh Peolla my sweetheart,
Big sister Jamie is always by your side.”

She falls asleep already. I look around and nothing has changed yet. Now I’m sleepy, too, but I can’t let my guard down yet…anything can happen to us, plus I don’t want to miss any chances that get us home. I try to keep my eyes open-so tired-No, gotta stay awake-Zzz…Zzz…

And here I am in a narrow corridor behind her. Her hair looks like mine, but longer and much more straight. She’s in a perfect white sleeveless dress or a pajama. She’s beautiful even looking from the back.

Where is she walking to? Something bright and shiny is ahead. I’m standing at where I am while staring at her. She keeps walking towards the other end, and I’m tempted to follow…

“Come.” She turns around and reaches her hand to me, but we are too far from each other. I can’t see her face as my sight gets more blurry and more blurry…

“Come!” She says again with the clearest voice I’ve ever known.
“Come with me, Li–“

Li-? But before she completes the sentence, the world’s gone to an absolute darkness. I can hear someone calling my name. Or is it
even my name…?

It’s getting louder and louder–


Louder and louder.

“Ja-mie! Ja-mie!” Ah, it’s Peolla.
“What is it?”
“Something’s going on.”
“Huh?” I open my eyes and realize that I have fallen asleep. “Oh, sorry, I overslept.”

I look at where she’s pointing at, and…”Holy crap!” Shouldn’t say that to a kid, but what we are discovering is too crazy to be true. “What the heck?”

There are spheres of light balls glowing around us. After a few seconds they tend to turn red in color, then each of them starts rotating faster and faster, like an ocean swirl that sucks in everything it can…We stay close to each other, waiting anxiously. For a moment I think it’s our rescue, but soon hope turns into disillusion. I figure that I was too simple-minded seconds ago, because the reality reality swiftly crushes us upon its arrival: the objects coming out from the light balls aren’t anything that we have prayed for. In fact, they are probably opposite to our wish list.

“Oh God, what is this…?”

We are surrounded by twelve Chimera.


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