Can’t believe in my eyes.

Chimera-the creature with lion’s body, and eagle’s claws, a bat’s wings, and a scorpion’s tail-are surrounding us. It’ll be surely amazing to see one in real life, but not when you’re actually having to deal with them in the matters of life. Two is better than one, but in our case, twelve is not better than eleven. Peolla’s really scared and so am I. We’ve got zero weapons, zero allies, and zero ways to escape: no nothing. They’ve got sharp fangs and claws than can tear us apart within seconds, and they can possibly fly as well, if their wings are there for a reason.

“Peolla, when I tell you to run, do it as fast as you can.”
“Just do what I tell you to.” The beasts are still observing and waiting for a right timing to attack. “This is the only chance for us to go home.”

And there they are, very impatient and getting ready to make their move. I’m so not ready at all. Not sure how strong my body is comparing to theirs, but I guess it’s pretty obvious that you can take down a dozen wild animals with a teenage girl’s fist, isn’t it? Well, hopefully I can at least buy Peolla some time to figure out the true way to get out, rather than letting both of us die here…”ROAR!”

They’re coming. “RUN!!” I shout, and Peolla sneaks through the circle they’ve made with her relatively tiny body.

“Yes!” My plan worked out well, for all of them are at least three times bigger than me. One of them comes to me like a F-1 racing car, I barely dodge by a few centimeters, and another two approach at the same speed. The claws swing at me and I have to block them with my wrists.

“Ahhhhh!!” The intensive pain is beyond imagination. Not done yet, more of them are attacking me, I can only wonder around, which makes no much difference for I being so vulnerable against them. I try to punch a Chimera in the face, but it doesn’t deal any significant damage on it. Rather, it irritates that I get a few more bad wounds in exchange. Extra pain reduces my stealth and the Chimera’s will not miss the chance. Even more deep cuts are on my body now. I can still stand, trying to guard myself, but my legs aren’t following along my mind. Can’t move a damn single inch.Then a Chimera runs to me and pushes me down with its paws. I can feel the claws stabbing into my stomach. Blood spilled all over while I hear Peolla screaming. My blood is everywhere and my senses are losing. I can see, from my fading eyesight, the Chimera’s are flying away towards Peolla. They’re lost interest in me after all. They’re going after her now…No…I don’t allow this to happen…

“Peolla!” I yell with my remained strength. “Run!”

The Chimera’s of course will not be slower than her. Soon she is cornered against the glass wall. “Come at me!”, I shout: “You ugly morons! Come fight me like a man-” Blood is coming out from my mouth, shoot! “Don’t you dare hurting her!”

They ignore me. She’s there hopeless. “Jamie!!”, she cries. I’ve lost too much blood that I can no longer stand after humiliated by the beasts. I try to crawl to them but it’s too far and I’m too slow. I’m not feeling anything on my legs and my hands not much better. And they’re doing something strange…
“No, it can’t be!” They’re going to breath fire! All of them!

“God!” I move faster. “No!!”

Everything begins to happen in slow motion. I can see Peolla crying out “help me”. I can see fire getting shot from their mouths. I can see my own hand, covered in blood, trying to reach her desperately and hopelessly. It’s over. This is the end of our journey. You can’t do a god damn thing to your own fate–

“Do you really want to let go?” It’s the voice I’ve heard from my dream–“Do you want an end like this, where you can’t save anyone after all?”

No, never. Absolutely freaking no! I responded to her inside my mind.

“Then tell me your wish.”
“I want to bring her home! I want to protect her until that moment comes!” Tears are coming out from my burning eyes again. “I don’t care if I die, as long as I can bring her smile. Give me something! Give me some god damn power to save her!”

And that voice disappears. Nevertheless, I’ve finally realized what I need. If nothing in this world makes sense, neither does a miracle needs a reason to be created–

And the “sky” cracks open and changes the color of the world to pitch-black. The brightest beams of light concentrate in front of where I’m laying down at. I touch it and I can feel that “power” flowing into my body endlessly. I hold “it” with both hands and slowly stand up. The beast, notice something weird at last, turn to me and shoot their fireballs at me the next second. I can see them all. I slice all of them down, one by one, with “it”. Twelve in four seconds. I can see more and more coming, but too slow to hurt me as my hands are moving faster than my brain, or to their brain if they have any. They reckon that fire does not deal any damage on me, so they start to fly here. “It” is formed at this point: a long dark-blue sword that says “Comet Seeker”.

Here they come. Still the same speed, the same attacks, but I’m not the same any more. One of them flies directly to me, and I slice its head away. 11 left. One comes from back and one from the front, I jump up and make them stabbing each other with the claws, then chop their heads off. 9 left.

This time four come and try to doom me by outnumbering. Still too slow. While they attack I cut them without them realizing themselves being cut. All of the attacks are blocked, and they fall one by one. Stab. Stab. Stab. Stab. 5 left.

And four more of them try to get me from the air, I dodge. They slow down for no more than a second, but more than enough for me to finish them: I simply run through them with quick-draw that I have no idea where that even came from, and all of them slaughtered.

The one remaining is trying to flee. It withdraws early from the battle and it’s almost at the other end of the space. It’s desperate enough to go after Peolla once more. Being fast enough, I still can’t make it for it’s too far away. I take a deep breathe and throw my “Comet Seeker” at it. Right before it touches her, the sword goes through its stomach and blows it away to the wall.

“Goo..d.” I bump onto the floor after all the beasts’ remains burn out into ashes. “Peolla, you’re fin…e. I’m happ…y”

And the darkness.


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