Outlet Mall? In Edmonton? Why not?

Who does not like shopping? Specially when you have a lot of stuff to choose from, right?

December 4, 2013, a news broke out about the proposed plan of building an 85-outlet mall at Edmonton International Airport.According the Edmonton Journal “the developer Ivanhoe Cambridge and the airport announced Wednesday (December 4, 2013) about the conditional agreement for the project called, The Outlet Collection at Edmonton International Airport. Also, according to the journal “the new mall will be located next to the QEII Highway and south of Airport Road.” The mall is said to open on the fall of 2016, but do not be excited yet, because the contract for the proposed plan is not signed yet. The signing of the contract will be held early next year, 2014.

According to a source, Myron Keehn, EIA Vice President of Commercial Development said in a news release  that “This is great news. It means more shopping, entertainment and hospitality options, not only for passengers, but for Greater Edmonton. The airport is a self-funded not-for-profit corporation, so airport revenue that is generated by leasing the land for this project will be reinvested into building better air service for the Edmonton Region. Ultimately, this will support more flights to more places”.

Even though it is an awesome news for big shoppers like me, it is not the right time to celebrate just YET because it is only a proposal and not every proposal is always approved.


About J.V. Tomas

| Pray | Love | Study | Travel | Adventure | Blog | Photography | That's JV's life! Juliver Tomas completed his final year as a full International Baccalaureate student at McNally High School this year (2014). He was the Editor-in-Chief of the official student publication of his previous school, Dorganda High School, back in the Philippines. However, they used "Filipino" as the main medium of their publication that is why expect grammatical errors or "carabao English" on this blog (He is improving his vocab tho). He was also the Editor-in-chief of the school magazine of McNally High School - the McNally Tiger Magazine. He attended various press conferences and competitions. He won the Journalist of the Year award at their school and was the Valedictorian of his class (Class of 2012). He is looking forward to be a Doctor someday and is planning to take a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences at the University of Alberta next fall. He is currently a World Vision Ambassador and a part of the Red Cross Youth Leaders (RCYL) in Edmonton. He is really engaged in any activities. He loves Sciences, Journalism and Social Justice/Human Rights. He believes in the saying that "Teamwork Makes The Dreamwork"

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