10 things you need to do in 2014


Hey guys!  Kuba here with the top 10 things you should do this year.  Hope you all had a great Christmas break and I wish you all a fantastic 2014!  Anyways, in no particular order, here are the 10 things you need to do this 2014.

1.  Bathe in productivity and never procrastinate.  Procrastination isn’t just a thing students do.  If not corrected, this habit will follow you around for the rest of your life.  That’s pretty detrimental to any career you might aspire to.

2.  Cease twerking.  Lmao.

3.  Realize your potential.  Everyone’s talented in their own way.  Don’t argue with me.  Just take a moment to think about it.

4. Don’t “Do it for the Vine”.  Even though it’s funny to watch people do stupid things for a bit of fame, don’t let it be you.

5.  Spend time with the right people.  No for real.  Hang out with a genius for 24 hours, force your way into their home and eat dinner with them, or invite them to coffee and talk about how crappy the Amazing SpiderMan 2 looks.  Their smartness will rub off on you.

6.  Don’t cry over spilled milk.  Seriously, you spilled milk on your laptop and then proceeded to smash it over concrete in frustration.  Not the end of the world but you’re grounded for sure.

7. Put 100% into everything that you do.  There’s someone always working harder than you.  Especially in China.

8. Stop sitting.  Not only is it the main reason you could be depressed but, according to http://dailyinfographic.com, it is actually killing you.  If this is propaganda then this is the good types of propaganda.

9. Read more.  Reading is how we expand our knowledge on everything and anything.  You wonder why everything you write comes out looking like a dog turd?  That’s because you don’t read.  Sure, practising your writing is beneficial but how are you supposed to greatly improve if you constantly work inside a vacuum?  And you become a whole lot smarter too.  So start reading peeps.

10.  Eat right, get sleep and have fun.  

Happy new year and wish you guys the best in all your ventures!


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