[Light Novel] Some impressive series [Review]

This collection of reviews is based on primarily personal opinion. If any error presents, or if my words contradict to your thoughts, please be free to comment below or contact me at  shinchanglin.904@gmail.com. I will be happy to discuss with you!

1.Toki no Akuma to Mitsu no Monogatari(The Demon of Time and Three Stories)

Genre: fantasy, romance

Year of release: 2013

Three different stories correlated to each other, all about the regrets one has made in life. Stories revolve around the “Demonic Fruit”, which the person is tempted and eats such thing will be cursed and eventually dead. The “Sand of Time” and the “Time Devil”, however, will become the salvation for these desperate people who seek for so. A very touching piece with heart-felt story line. Possibly an one-shot and not going to be serialized, but very good in terms of 1-volume story quality as a novel.




2.Hataraku, Maou-Sama!(Work hard, Mr.Demon King!)

Genre: comedy, fantasy

Year of release: 2011

The demon king Maou Satan was defeated in the demonic world. At the edge of his struggle, he somehow tele-ported to the contemporary Japan with his servant and started a new life as a part-time worker at McDonald’s. In there, he will undergo a very different experience trying to live without magics and spells, but with hard-work and monetary wisdom(laugh). A very funny story recommended to cheer yourselves up!




3. I’m a Royal Tutor in my Sister’s dress

Genre: comedy, romance

Sherlock, an ordinary 18-year-old boy has a genius twin sister. One day, his sister escape while the kingdom summoned her to become a royal tutor. Without any choice, Sherlock then is forced to disguise as his twin sister in order to save himself from being executed. As the story progresses, internal conflict regarding his male nature vs. female adaptation, and external conflicts regarding relationships(LOL) will bring you the funniest romantic comedy you can ever imagine. Highly recommended. Only concern is the author’s updating speed.



4.Tensai Ikkyū ‘s Unwillingly Excellent Reasoning


Genre: mystery, comedy, fantasy

Year of release: 2012/2013(need verification)

A side story of Ryugajo Nanana, as of Scientific Rail-gun to Magical Index.

Tensai is a little girl who dreams to become a great detective.  One day while doing choirs, she discovers a book containing a seal of devil, and eventually unseals it. The devil unrestrained, offers her an extraordinary game in which she has to solve crime scene dilemmas back and forth by travelling in time…

An interesting piece that has unique setting different from the majority of all light novels. Fantasy is well blended with its detective element, as well as those round characters embedded with amusing personalities. A potential award winner when more volumes come out.



Genre: horror

Year of release: 2009

Misaki, a student in an ordinary grade 9 class died miserably in that year. From there on, the classes in the following years were cursed, and many sacrificed as a result…Now, Koichi and Mei enters another year of curse, and they will discover the truth about their destiny…

A well- done thriller piece that was also released as an anime series and became very famous because of how scary it was. Its original novel was as good, offering a super terrifying alternative for you to read. Recommend to 15+ as some violence is included. A very good choice for those who like scary stories.


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