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This time, I will introduce some of my favourite titles, across anime, comics(manga), and light novels. You might find some names familiar 😛

Light Novels:

1. Sword Art Online

The most popular series of novels for 3 years streak between 2011 and 2013. Its anime series, first season(including the SAO arc and the Elfheim arc) was also the most popular hit of the year as well. Story surrounds about how players entering into a vitual world of online game having to battle their way out, as they die when they lose the game…It is a very exicting piece. Action scenes are most well done. The battles are very well written that will catch your full attention. Its light novel proceeds into the end of the Underworld arc so far, as for volume 15. Highly recommended.

(novel personal ranking)
language sophistate-4/5
art work/design-4.5/5


2.Spice and Wolf

Almost every single light novel includes campus love comedy, swords and magic, these types of generic elements. However, Spice and Wolf is a very unique piece, as it deals with…money! Right, money! Story surrounds where Laurence, a young travelling merchant who suddenly discovers Horo, the wise wolf goddess. Promising that he will take her back to her hometown, they start an everlasting trip and encounter many different challenges, regarding money, beliefs, and mostly human greed. The setting is somewhat medieval-like, though all the town names are made up. Supernatural elements are included, but the story focuses on primarily the use of monetary strategies and social techniques. Spice and Wolf amazingly brings the readers to a world that other light novels cannot. A very well-done piece. Its released anime series are also worthwhile to watch 🙂


3.Sakurasou Pet na Kanojo


I have written a review prior to this, but I must bring this up again. Sakurasou is a very powerful piece, that will touch your heart by illustrating the everyday ups and downs of the young people in the story. It is a campus-romance-comedy piece, runs on a light pace but turns drastically emotional throughout the story. My favorite light novel of all-time(reading it for the third time now!). I strongly recommend this title. For those of you who like the visual, the anime series is great(25 episodes in the first-hopefully not last-season).





Clannad consists of two seasons, each around 25 episodes long. Two episodes of spin-offs with alternative ending on top to those. This is one of my favorite title, definitely goes to all-time top 3. Genre is campus/romance. Plot summary: a high school boy, Tomoya, who hates and are despaired of everything, meets the girl Nagisa. From here, his life is changed. Trying to help Nagisa in her school life, Tomaya ends up making more friends and eventually comes to an understanding of his own past and the reality of happiness. The first season may seem too slow and irrelevant to the conclusion, but you will be rewarded once you hit into to core part of season two(Clannad After Story). Remember to keep a box of Kleenex with you while you watch those sad episodes!



2.Phantom ~Requiem of the Phantom~

A 2009 anime consists of 26 episodes. The protagonist, a young boys, is kidnapped in the U.S while having a grad trip. His memory is erased, and later trained to become a killer. Along with another killer, Ein, he gets a new name of Zwei and begins the life as a total different person. Throughout the story he will be making decisions and encountering powerful opponents that drastically change his life. It is a urban tragedy, with a little aspect of fantasy regarding shooting skills(the reason why they are called “Phantoms”). The story line is mostly engaging. You will change your view on life by its powerful moral ideas, while enjoying the well-established suspense. A very well-done anime series, recommend to those who love gunfight scenes, gang stories, and tragedies.





1.Natsume’s Book of Friends

Natsume is a boy who can see all the “yokai”, or spirit-form ghosts. He discovers that, his deceased grandmother Reiko was a powerful sorceress. She used her might to conquer different yokai’s, and collected their names in the “Book of Friends”, which is passed on to Natsume. Now, all the yokai’s who had their names written in the Book are going after him, so he ought to “return” their names to them. Meanwhile, he will experience lots of different things, including his emotional evolution and his changing relationship with friends and his family. The genre is mostly fantasy/campus. A very unique story that embed the element of supernatural into such an emotional and heart-felt story. Very impressive.




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