[Music]Kurousa P/White Flame[Review]

Kurousa-P (黒うさP), also known as WhiteFlame, is a popular Vocaloid music writer. Prior to producing Vocaloid music, he had been an active amateur musician for quite some time. He debuted with the release of six Vocaloid songs in a single month, receiving high acclaim for his third song, “Shirayuki”( ~白雪~). His following work “Cantarella” became a hit, establishing his popularity. However, Kurousa-P is best known for Hatsune Miku’s mega-hit “Senbonzakura”, released in 2011.

(from vocaloid.wikia.com)

p.s. Kurausa=”Black Rabbit” in Japanese 🙂

Kurousa P is my favourite song composer. When I was first introduced to Vocaloid in 2009, it was because of the few intriguing songs that got me crazily into it, including famous titles such as Melt(Supercell, or Ryo), When the First Love Ends(Supercell), From Y to Y(Jimmythumb P). All the above titles were Miku songs, so what really stood out was Cantarella, a Kaito song, which I first saw on a friend’s blog. I was amazed by the dance-music like style of this song, and was drawn into the fantastic atmosphere with the animation’s aid. Later on, Kurousa P’s works kept on impressing me. His song has a classical Japanese mood, varying in pace. Kurousa P always include very well piano sessions serving as the songs’ background music, which I really like. It is most profoundly revealed in Senbonzaukra(super fast piano music),and ReAct(a sorrowful yet tantalizing tone).

I’d save the talk and show actual stuff!



Senbonzakura-one of the most famous Vocaloid song that got over 5 million views on both Youtube and Niconico Douga



Senbonzakura covered by 96Neko and Pakota, the top cover of the respective song




A famous chorus




Another famous chorus among his works. I rank this higher than ACUTE.




The second most well done cover(in my opinion), next to 96neko and pakotas Senbonzakura





Original PV. this song, however, became famous through Luka;s version.





Another good cover! Clear, my favorite male singer pretty much did most of it 😀





Cantarella. Warning: incest included





Another cover done by Clear! This time he teamed up with Nero, who has very similar voice range like him.





A different version of Cantarella. The video is done with more effort as well!




Nero’s solo cover! you’ll love it!





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