[Music]Get the Youth Life rollin’: Last Note.[Review]

Last Note. is a producer who makes high spirited, intense songs characterized by its classic rock tunes. The songs have a happy ambiance and are at times upbeat.

Last Note. has shown high proficiency in including violin parts into his songs.

From the Vocaloid Wikia:     http://vocaloid.wikia.com/wiki/Last_Note.


As described by the bio above, Last Note is a popular Vocaloid song composer/song writer since around 2010.

His music is very energetic, and often tied with amazing animation(thanks to his team!) in the original videos.

The swift pace of Last Note.’s music is his primary feature, in contrary to Kurousa P’s classical Japanese style and piano background.  He often makes songs sung by GUMI, which brought my attention when I was first (self-)introduced to Vocaloid in 2010~11, unlike many other songs often tied with Hatsune Miku. It was a refreshing transition in my music journey  😀




For most of the songs below I will leave the ones that covered by my favorite fan singers. Original PV and/or with English subtitles may be found easily on Youtube or Niconico Douga.



The Last Effect(original PV). The first song of Last Note. that I listened to. This video involves MMD(Miku Miku Dance, for further information please consult http://mikumikudance.wikia.com/wiki/MikuMikuDance_Wiki) and is very well done for the fact that they simply used a free program available online.








Setsuna Trip(Wotamin cover)





Osanana Blue(original PV). This video is very lovely, for it portrays the importance of childhood friend(…who eventually transform into lovers 😡 )





Akatsuki Arrival(Clear and Dasuko covered, one of the best duets)




Love Hero(Wotamin cover, you will indeed be amazed by her again)




After-School Stride(Kano cover. Kano is famous of her extremely cute and smooth voice. )





And lots more……! Please explore yourself if you want to dive into the wonderful new world brought by Last Note. !!


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