[Anime] Breaking free from the wall! Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan [Review]

“No matter how much you pray, nothing will change What changes this moment is the determination to fight” “Those that can accomplish their goal Are those that can discard for their goal”   Didn’t the birds break out of their egg shell in order to fly, not to crawl on the ground pathetically? For what reason do you possess those wings?  Isn’t the sky in the birdcage a little too tiny     ============================================================================   WARNING. This anime is recommended for persons of and over 16 years old as it contains a degree of violence.   ===========================================================================   Because this is a relatively popular series, please understand that some information is necessary to be disclosed for the author to conduct an adequate commentary(before you rant at me XD).       In other words, spoilers alert!           Attack on Titan is a 2013 anime adaptation of Hajime Isayama’s manga series. The story is set in an imaginary world where humanity is cornered by an overwhelming predator/enemy–the “Titans”(or :Eotans). The Titans are creatures of enormous size and power. Even worse, they have the ability to regenerate itself under sunlight. Their only weakness is the area behind their neck. Desperate and despaired, humans built three walls: Wall of Maria, Wall of Rose, and Wall of Sina to protect themselves from the invasion of Titans.     After having 100 years of peace, a major incident occurred in year 845(note: the timeline is made up by the author in the story). A 60-meter tall Titan appeared out of nowhere right in front of Wall of Maria(taller than the 50-meter Wall) and brought an army of Titans. What’s worse than so, an Armoured Titan followed along and broke through the gate with mere force, allowing all the titans to enter the Wall and devour the citizens. The protagonist of the story, Eren Jaeger, also got his own mother eaten by a Titan. At that day, Eren swore to eliminate all Titans in the world in order to revenge.   The Mega Titan…   Armoured Titan   Eren’s mother being killed       The major characters in the story shall be introduced:   Eren Jaeger: The story’s protagonist. His father is an authorized scientist who studies the Titans. Eren dreams to explore the world outside the Wall ever since he was a child. He has a very strong will and always speaks out against what’s wrong and ridiculous. Having witnessed his mother’s horrible slaughter by the Titans in year 845, Eren is determined to fight the Titans and exterminate every single one of them by his own hands. Eren has a very strong will that allows him to overcome his physical limit and challenge the dangers.   Quotes:  “From the moment we’re born, all of us are free. Those who deny it, no matter how strong they are, have nothing to do with it. The fiery waters, or the lands of ice, it really doesn’t matter which… those who’ve seen them have gained the greatest freedom in the world.” “”If you lose, you die. If you win, you live. If you don’t fight, you can’t win!”       Mikasa Ackherman: The story’s heroine. Eren’s childhood friend and family member. She values Eren more important than anything else the the world.  As an orphan, Mikasa was adopted by the Jaeger family. During the Year 845 Titan invasion of Wall Maria, the Jaegar’s was brutally destroyed. With Eren’s mother devoured and the father vanished, Eren becomes Mikasa’s only family member left. Mikasa is a mighty warrior who can stand against mant Titans by herself. However, when it comes to Eren, she loses her cool and acts recklessly.   Quotes: “The world is merciless, but also very beautiful.”                  “You don’t stand a single chance to win, unless you fight.”           Armin Arlert: A childhood friend with Eren and Mikasa who also suffers great losses from the Titans. Though Armin is physically weak, he demonstrates intellectual qualities that greatly influences the story. Even in the midst of a battlefield, he shows kindness and sincerity that provides hope to his friends. He often looks down to himself due to the fact that he is vulnerable facing the enemies, but everyone recognizes his contribution. Armin is an excellent strategist whose plans are often executed in military combats and audience may discover his significance as the story progresses.   Quotes: “People who can’t throw something important away, can never hope to change anything.”                  “Clueless people who care about saving their own skin will unwittingly set humanity on a path towards  self-destrucion!”                         Trailer with English subtitles

        Opening with English subtitles. I urge you to watch this. It is the most fascinating anime opening video I have seen in a while!
    With mystery and suspense left at the end of the anime series, Attack on Titan is likely to be having a season two somewhere near future. The story is very powerful as the cruel nature of the world is revealed through the great sacrifices all the warriors made. Though many believe that humanity must progress by risking their own lives, more believe that they can merely hide behind the walls and live passively by themselves. In their journey, the Titans have overwhelmed the humans with immersible power, in which many fear and in turns, back up as they become too reluctant to even pick up a fight to their foes. This results in unbelievable damage in their battles against the Titans. Another significant concept is human selfishness. Throughout the story some human individuals only care about their own good even in the times of emergency. Conflicts take place as Eren realizes their enemies exist not only beyond the walls, but also inside the walls. Surely the Titans are to be feared, but what’s even scarier are the human greed and arrogance. The most inspiring theme is probably “the will to pursue freedom” to me. Eren and Armin always want to see the world beyond the walls. From the books they read(which is forbidden by the monarchy) they learned that the outside world is much wider and dynamic than the tiny, pathetic land humans have. The protagonists believe that it is wrong to simply living like livestock at the mercy of Titans. Rather, they dream to take some jeopardy and explore the world. The uniform design of Survey Corps: “Wing of Freedom” symbolizes this concept. What touches my heart is the critical scene at a battle against Titans: Eren was unable to stand up and trapped in his own illusion. Here, Armin cried out for him and asked him “Why did you want to see the outside world? Why is it that people die for that reason? Wake up!”. And Eren, finally awaken from the darkness in his dream, responded: “Why…? Because…I’m born to THIS world!”           Enough of my long mumbling. Here is my subjective ranking of this anime:   Music: 4.5/5 Animation: 5/5 Characterization: 5/5 Art: 4/5 Story: 4.5/5 Total: 23.5/25=94%   If you are interested in other forms of media, the manga series(ongoing) is also a great choice. Along with the novel series Attack on Titan: Before the Fall(which is the story before Eren’s emerge, a prologue of Attack on Titans). What’s more fascinating, a live movie and an animation movie will be coming up in this Fall and Winter(correct me if any information appears to be false, also, release dates are always subject to changes by the production team)!


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