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Easter Long Weekend Movie Picks

It’s Easter weekend which means that we have four days off from school. So if you don’t have anything planned for your Easter weekend here are some movie picks by Tig Mag.


1. Divergent


Synopsis: In a world divided by factions based on virtues, Tris learns she’s Divergent and won’t fit in. When she discovers a plot to destroy Divergents, Tris and the mysterious Four must find out what makes Divergents dangerous before it’s too late.

– Written by IMDB


2. Rio 2


  • It’s a jungle out there for Blu, Jewel and their three kids after they’re hurtled Rio de Janeiro to the wilds of the Amazon. As Blu tries to fit in, he goes beak-to-beak with the vengeful Nigel, and meets the most fearsome adversary of all: his father-in-law.


  • Blu and Jewel have three kids and while Jewel tries to teach the children to live off the land, Blu lives like he did in America. Linda and Tulio who are now married go to the Amazon to bring a bird they nursed back to health to its natural habitat. While there, they think other birds like Jewel and Blu live there. So they go on TV and say they will find them and when they do, it will help get the area declared a preserve. But a logger not wanting that to happen tries to stop them. When Jewel learns of this she wants to go there and see if there are any other birds like them. But Blu who is a city bird doesn’t want to but he decides to go to make Jewel happy.

    – Written by


3. Captain America: The Winter Soldier


Steve Rogers struggles to embrace his role in the modern world and battles a new threat from old history: the Soviet agent known as the Winter Soldier.

– Written by IMDB


4. God’s Not Dead


College student Josh Wheaton’s faith is challenged by his philosophy professor, who believes God does not exist.

– Written by IMDB


5. Muppets Most Wanted

While on a grand world tour, The Muppets find themselves wrapped into an European jewel-heist caper headed by a Kermit the Frog look-alike and his dastardly sidekick.

– Written by IMDB


Scholarships to Apply For this Month…

Here are a selection of scholarships you might be interested in applying for this month.  Good luck everyone.


Mar 01, Joe Couillard Memorial Scholarship, 2 x $1,000 + 2 x $500,

Mar 01, John Hasselfield Endowment Foundation Memorial Scholarship, up to $350,

Mar 01, NOVA Chemicals Bachelor of Science Award [Red Deer College], $1,000,

Mar 04, Miller Motors (The Patriquin) Fund Award [NAIT], $2,250,

Mar 10, Quest for Excellence School Bursary Program (Re/Max of Western Canada), $1,000,

Mar 15, Dr. Ed O’Conor Scholarship (St. Francis Xavier University), $5,000 (renewable for four years),

Mar 20, Anthem Essay Contest, up to $2,000,

Mar 27, Emerson Drive Music and Digital Design Scholarship [Grand Prairie Regional College], $500,

Mar 30, Odenza Marketing Group Scholarship, $500,

Mar 31, Agnes Jacks Ringette Scholarship, $1,000,

Mar 31, Academic Excellence Entrance Scholarship [College of the Rockies], $1,000-$7,000,

Mar 31, Belcourt Brosseau Metis Award, $2,000-$6,000,

Mar 31, Cara Brown Ringette Scholarship, $1,000,

Mar 31, Ranald & Vera Shean Memorial Scholarship, 8 x $2,000,

Mar 31, Retail as a Career Scholarship, 1 x $5,000 + 25 x $1,000,

Mar 31, Tim Hamilton Memorial Scholarship for Visual Art Programs [Red Deer College], $1,000,

Mar 31, Windspear Fund Scholarship for Advanced Classical Music, $1,000 – $6,000,

Touch of Class 2014

What’s up people! Are you excited for Valentines day? One might say that, I will not do anything that day because I am “single”. But if you are single, don’t worry, you can still have fun that day because that will be our Touch of Class “day”! Woohoo! It is going to be awesome. Thanks to our Student Union Executives for organizing this amazing event on Valentines Day.


This year, you can wear your favorite dress on Valentines day. How cool is that? You get to take a lot of pictures with your friends and classmates and with you teachers too. So what are you waiting for, prepare your awesome dress NOW. Also, tell your friends about it so that McNally will actually look like a “Palace” – of – roaring Tigers? Hmmm! I guess that’s a “good-enough” term to describe our awesomeness. But yeah, spread the word Tigers.


Registration for S.U.N.I.A. Is Now Open

sunia image_500x175

Are you interested in seminars related to Social Studies? Have you ever heard of United Nations? Do you want to know more about it? Do you want to have fun? Want to meet a lot of awesome people? Then S.U.N.I.A. is the right seminar for you!

The registration for the Seminar on the United Nations and Internal Affairs opened on the second week of January 2014.

“SUNIA is an opportunity for you to expand your horizons and see the world in a different light. A summer camp for high school students, SUNIA is designed to create a forum for the exchange of ideas, and to foster a better understanding of the political, economic, and social aspects of global interactions.”

Rubani Singh, Juliver Tomas(that’s me) and Gina Guzman (all Grade 12 students – 2014) attended SUNIA on August 2013. If you want to know more about the event. I advice you guys to talk to us.

If you want to see the SUNIA 2014 Promotional Video click the link below.

Register at

Register NOW and your summer this year will be your most unforgettable summer ever.


10 things you need to do in 2014


Hey guys!  Kuba here with the top 10 things you should do this year.  Hope you all had a great Christmas break and I wish you all a fantastic 2014!  Anyways, in no particular order, here are the 10 things you need to do this 2014.

1.  Bathe in productivity and never procrastinate.  Procrastination isn’t just a thing students do.  If not corrected, this habit will follow you around for the rest of your life.  That’s pretty detrimental to any career you might aspire to.

2.  Cease twerking.  Lmao.

3.  Realize your potential.  Everyone’s talented in their own way.  Don’t argue with me.  Just take a moment to think about it.

4. Don’t “Do it for the Vine”.  Even though it’s funny to watch people do stupid things for a bit of fame, don’t let it be you.

5.  Spend time with the right people.  No for real.  Hang out with a genius for 24 hours, force your way into their home and eat dinner with them, or invite them to coffee and talk about how crappy the Amazing SpiderMan 2 looks.  Their smartness will rub off on you.

6.  Don’t cry over spilled milk.  Seriously, you spilled milk on your laptop and then proceeded to smash it over concrete in frustration.  Not the end of the world but you’re grounded for sure.

7. Put 100% into everything that you do.  There’s someone always working harder than you.  Especially in China.

8. Stop sitting.  Not only is it the main reason you could be depressed but, according to, it is actually killing you.  If this is propaganda then this is the good types of propaganda.

9. Read more.  Reading is how we expand our knowledge on everything and anything.  You wonder why everything you write comes out looking like a dog turd?  That’s because you don’t read.  Sure, practising your writing is beneficial but how are you supposed to greatly improve if you constantly work inside a vacuum?  And you become a whole lot smarter too.  So start reading peeps.

10.  Eat right, get sleep and have fun.  

Happy new year and wish you guys the best in all your ventures!

Ask for a TUTOR Now!


Do you find any of your courses hard? Some concepts are confusing? In other words do you need help on any of your courses? Well, you do not have to worry now. McNally High School is offering a Peer Tutoring Program which will run throughout the year. Peer tutors have a very flexible schedule on the entire week. And wait, maybe you are wondering how much will it cost you to have a tutor? Well, well, well, you do not need to worry about that because you will have a peer tutor for FREE. Yes, you read it right, it is for FREE! All you need is a confidence and eagerness to learn. So what are you waiting for, see Ms. Loretta Ng in Room 107 for more details. We should aim nothing but the best.

National Bullying Awareness Week

The National Bullying Awareness Week starts today, November 17, 2013. The National Bullying Awareness week or NBAW, is an annual campaign in Canada, during the third week of November and aims to raise awareness about bullying among students in Canada while promoting positive relationships and providing youth with real-life solutions to help them deal with bullying behavior. According to a resource NBAW was launched in 2003 by and by the Family Channel.

What is Bullying?

Bullying is defined as a pattern of aggressive behavior meant to hurt or cause discomfort to another person. Bullies always have more power than victims. Their power comes from physical size, strength, status, and support within the peer group.

Are there many ways that a person can be bullied?

According to, there are many ways that young people bully each other, even if they don’t realize it at the time. Some of these include, punching, shoving and other acts that hurt people physically, spreading bad rumors about people, keeping certain people out of a group, teasing people in a mean way and getting certain people to “gang up” on others.

What can you do?

  • First of all, don’t be a bully. Being a bully does not make you any better nor it does not make a better person. You are just being a problem to someone’s life.
  • If you see someone who is being bullied in your school or community, try to stop it or if you cannot stop it ask other people for help.
  • Spread awareness about bullying by spreading news about what it is and why does it do.

Where can I get more information about Bullying?

There is a lot of websites and organizations out there where you can get more information on how to stop bullying. Below is a list of different websites about bullying.


How can I be involved in stopping bullying?

There are an unlimited ways on how you can be involved in stopping bullying. Just by not being a bully is a good start. If you are the kind of person who really wants to take an initiative on stopping or spreading awareness about bullying you can talk to your teachers in your school, organizations in your community or your peers and talk about what you can do to spread awareness. You can organize a conference in your school or you can have presentations in other schools. As mentioned before there are an unlimited ways to be involved. So what are you waiting for MAKE A MOVE AGAINST BULLYING.



Bringing your own device to school? – EPSB

Bringing your own device to school?

Make it a Chromebook.

Here are 5 reasons why:

  1. EPSB uses Google Apps for Education.  When a student signs into either a school-owned orpersonal Chromebook using their Google Apps account, they get access to all of their school files, mail, sites, photos, and calendars available through the district.
  2. Quick boot-up time of under 10 seconds means you can be ready to use it quickly.
  3. Long battery life and fast-charge.  6-8 hours of battery life for all Chromebooks with a Solid-State hard drive (SSD).  This continues to improve.
  4. Low cost. Retail Chromebooks typically cost between $250 and $300.  Models from several manufacturers are available online and in-store through retailers like BestBuy andFutureShop.
  5. Always up-to-date, no software to buy.  Chrome OS updates automatically, and the student’s Google Apps for Education account includes all of the software they will need.

Terry Korte, Edmonton Public Schools


 Personal Chromebook FAQ


1. How is a Chromebook different from other mobile devices (e.g. Laptops, netbooks)?

Google Chromebooks are quite different from other hardware because you are purchasing the hardware, operating system, and access to all of the Google Apps in one package.  There are no applications to install, no drives to map, no printers to configure.  Chromebooks update automatically, and because your Google Drive is on the internet,you will never need a larger hard drive.Here’s how they are different from other laptops.

2.  What types of applications are available on a Chromebook?

Chromebooks run hundreds of thousands of available web applications. Many web applications are available as Chrome Web Apps or Chrome Extensions in theChrome Web Store and top business applications are available in the Google Apps Marketplace.

  • All EPSB Google Apps including:
  • Docs (Work Processing)
  • Spreadsheets
  • Presentation
  • Drawings
  • Sites
  • Forms (Surveys)
  • Other Google tools automatically authenticated with your account:
  • Blogger
  • Picasa Photo Albums
  • YouTube (including your own youTube channel)
  • Gooogle Maps
  • SlideRocket (enhanced presentations)
  • LucidChart (Mindmapping, flowcharts, diagrams, etc)
  • Many more web tools

3.  Can I use my existing Microsoft Office files on my Chromebook?

Your EPSB Google Apps account includes 30 GB of cloud storage, so you will have room to keep all of your old presentations, documents and files on  your Google Drive. MS Office files can be opened as “View Only” files on your Chromebook, or automatically converted to Google Docs format and edited. Your call.  Students who move their files from their school server to their EPSB Google Drive have the added benefit of keeping those files until graduation…so when you’re in grade 12 you can take a walk down memory lane and read that book report on “Harry Potter” you did with your best friend in Grade 5!

4.  Does a Chromebook handle Flash and other web plugins?

Yes, they can handle most sites and resources on the web with theexception of applications that require Microsoft Silverlight plug-in,ShockWave or Java (e.g.WordleVirtual Math Manipulatives, some content, etc.). SchoolZone works without issues on a Chromebook.

5.  Can I add software like WordQ or Read & Write Gold if I require text-to-speech and word-prediction?

This is a true cloud device.  Great if you’re using Google Apps through, but not a good option if you require specific software that isn’t available in the cloud.  Applications (links to web-applications) can be added via a management control panel and are installed as links and do not require disk space. Be sure to investigate theChrome webstore for free web-based plugins such as Select and Speak (to read web pages aloud) or the Read&Write for Google (from the makers of Read&Write Gold) that may serve your needs.

6.  Can I print to a school printer from my personal Chromebook?

Chrome devices can only print to printers using Google Cloud Print. The good news is that any printer in any EPSB school can do Google Cloud Print.  It is a new technology that connects printers to the web. Using Google Cloud Print, your teacher can make a school (e.g. lab or library) printer available to you by sharing it. Google Cloud Print works on your phone, tablet, Chrome device, PC, and any other web-connected device you want to print from.Learn more.

7.  More Chromebook information directly from Google

8.  Reviews and information from blogs and the web about Chromebooks


You can also see this post on your Schoolzone accounts under school news.