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“Beach Day” for Grade 12’s

Grad Week started today and the seniors called it the “Beach Day”. Grade 12’s got wet, enjoyed the sun and enjoyed splashing water to each other. It was a really good lunch time although not everyone had the opportunity to throw a water balloon to someone.

Thank you so much for all the Grade 12’s who participated in this Grad event. Please continue to participate in other Grad week activities.

Check out some cool photos below.


May Pep Rally


Thursday class schedule (adjusted for the pep rally)! Wear your tiger gear!


Block 1 (9:00AM – 10:11AM) –> Block 2 (10:17AM – 11:28AM)


Pep Rally (11:28AM –  12:08PM) –> Lunch (12:08PM – 12:53PM)


Block 3 (12:53PM – 2:04PM) –> Block 4 (2:10PM – 3:21PM)


30 Hour Famine Executive Position Application

Hello everyone! I hope you guys are enjoying your spring break! It’s April! We’re two months away from our summer vacation.

Just a reminder for those of you guys who wants to be a part of the Executive position for the 30 Hour Famine next year, applications will be opening next week! This year we are changing things up a bit.


1. If you are applying for the position. You need to send your up-to-date resume.

2. List extra-curricular activities that you are currently involved in.

3. Statement of interest. (In less than 500 words, please state why you want to be a part of the 30 Hour Famine Executive)


There are four open positions for the Executive team! So what are you waiting for, apply now. Use Google Drive to save paper and come on it’s more accessible.

Deadline for submission will be on April 9, 2014. No exceptions! Share your application to and

Good luck!

Students Union Update (March 24-28, 2014)

Hey hey hey Tigers? What’s up? See what your Student’s Union have for you this week.

First, your SU wants to thank you for all your support during the Pie-ing the Teachers Day. Together we raised more than $200 for a project that Mr. Gardner is supporting in Uganda. Thank you so much Tigers!

So what’s up with SU this week?


Hurry down to the front foyer during Lunch to buy your tiger gear! SU will be selling crew necks for $30 regular/ $25 Gold Card and sweats for $40 regular/ $35 Gold Card. You will also get a FREE Spring Dance ticket for your crewneck/ sweatpants purchase for a limited time only from Monday Mar. 24 to Friday Mar. 28. (One Time Offer Only Per ID Card)  Don’t miss the deal! Check out the designs below. Make sure to check it out!





Your Students’ Union will be hosting a dance on Thursday, April 17th featuring DJ Astro Koi! All tickets will include one free drink and a chance to win some amazing door prizes! We are further extending our invitation by giving students the opportunity to invite guests who are registered high school students as long as you are purchasing their tickets on their behalf and have their school’s administration send an email to our Principal!

*Tickets are $5, sold at the Front Foyer!*

Alive bar.jpg

Pi Month Update

We are celebrating Pi month. So what activities are we gonna be doing?

We will be holding a TEACHER AUCTION! (Yay)

The three teachers who get the most money donated by lunch on Friday (March 21, 2014) will be the ones that get a nice hunk of pie to the face!

*Please bring all donations to the Tigers Den and a SU Exec will help guide you through how to do things.

More information about the this event?

Where will the teachers get pied: Large Gym!
When will it be happening: March 21 during lunch!

 Check out the pictures of your cool teachers who are participating in this sPIctacular event.








So who do you want to PI?

TUXIS Parliament of Alberta


TUXIS is a model parliament for Alberta youth aged 15 through 21. It is a self-run volunteer organization, and the oldest continually running youth parliament in Canada.  TUXIS is founded upon four aspects: the social, the intellectual, the physical, and the spiritual. TUXIS is non-denominational and welcomes youth of all belief systems.


There are five conferences throughout the year, usually in February, April, May, September, and November.  Each begins on Friday night and ends on Sunday afternoon. Conferences are used to plan for Session, the week of debate that takes place December 26-31, and allow the TUXIS community to come together for a weekend of fun and friendship.

At conferences, members participate in a practice debate, a planning meeting and a wide variety of programming. Ministers and Deputy Ministers plan activities and discussions for programming that include ice breaker activities, active and creative games, charitable work, discussions on world issues, and activities that help members to grow both spiritually and as individuals.


TUXIS is a great place where you can build life-long friendships, gain public speaking and leadership skills, and learn about the world around you.  It is a diverse group of young people that are caring, open-minded, and interested in issues that are important to its members.  Additionally, there are many opportunities for you to volunteer and make a difference in your community!

At TUXIS you will get the opportunity to learn about the world around you, learn about yourself, and have a GREAT time. TUXIS is a place where you can meet some of your best friends and have the time of your life. Most members leave one event counting down the days until the next.


The cost for a conference is $30, or $35 for late registrations. Registration is due one week before the Friday of the conference. Meals and accommodations are included, but extra money can be brought for snacks or merchandise.


If you would like to attend a TUXIS event or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact one or all of the following members:

Moira Wyton

Minister of Recruitment

for Central Alberta

1 (780) 913-7089

Carly Russell

Minister of Recruitment

for Southern Alberta

1 (403) 688-5297

Kyle St. Thomas


1 (403) 597-9135

Speak Out Forum 2014


Do you have something to say about the “Education” in Alberta? Then you should join the Speak Out Forum 2014.

Here’s what the description for the conference from their website.

The Speak Out Conference is an opportunity for Alberta’s youth to come together from every corner of the province once a year to discuss their perspectives and ideas on how to improve education.

This year, we will bring together 200 students, aged 14 to 19, to meet with Alberta Education.  Students will have the opportunity to learn more about, and provide input on, the work and initiatives going on within Alberta Education.  We also offer a concurrent conference for chaperones where we will highlight initiatives and give opportunities for input into the future of education in Alberta.

Check out the draft agenda below for more information.

To ensure full provincial representation, there are 40 student seats available for each zone, and representation from a single school/group may be limited to 4 participants. We are looking for students with different backgrounds, opinions, and experiences.  There is no fee to attend the conference and meals will be provided for the duration of the conference. We will provide public transportation on Greyhound buses and accommodations for out of town participants and their chaperones.

The application is now online!  Your application is not complete until we receive your signed Parent/Guardian Consent form with the completed chaperone information.  Every student participant regardless of age (14-19) must come with a chaperone.  A chaperone can bring a group of students when required.

Please send us your signed consent form as soon as possible. We must receive your completed consent form by 4:30 p.m. February 28, 2014, but the sooner the better!  The Speak Out team will send a prize to the first 50 students that submit their signed consent forms.  The Conference fills up fast so apply early to avoid disappointment!

If you would like more information, email us at

What are you waiting for? Register now.

McNally Open House is Coming Up!

McNally’s Open House is Wednesday March 19th, from 6pm – 8pm.   Come witness our school spirit by touring our halls, speaking to students, meeting teachers and seeing a variety of student projects.  School open houses are the best way to get a feel for a school and at our open house, you will see why our students are proud of their choice.

Touch of Class 2014

What’s up people! Are you excited for Valentines day? One might say that, I will not do anything that day because I am “single”. But if you are single, don’t worry, you can still have fun that day because that will be our Touch of Class “day”! Woohoo! It is going to be awesome. Thanks to our Student Union Executives for organizing this amazing event on Valentines Day.


This year, you can wear your favorite dress on Valentines day. How cool is that? You get to take a lot of pictures with your friends and classmates and with you teachers too. So what are you waiting for, prepare your awesome dress NOW. Also, tell your friends about it so that McNally will actually look like a “Palace” – of – roaring Tigers? Hmmm! I guess that’s a “good-enough” term to describe our awesomeness. But yeah, spread the word Tigers.


Grad Council February Activities

Hello everyone. Second semester is here. I hope you guys are all enjoying the first couple of days of your second sem. Not only did the new semester start but also it is February which means La La La Love Month fellas. Also, it means that we only have four – O my gosh , that is right – freaking four months left before our Graduation day. Isn’t that exciting?

Below, is the list of activities that the Grad Council is going to do this month.


February 6, 2014 – CRaaaaaaazy Bread Sale. Check out the school’s front foyer on this day (tomorrow) and buy crazy bread. It is only $3. C’mon let’s go crazy craze eating crazy bread!

Scrumptious Delight little cotton candy plush toy

February 14, 2014 – Cotton Candy Sale. Be sweet on Valentines day so give your special someone OR friends OR your teachers a cone/stick of Cotton Candy to show them how much you love them. It’s only $3 so make sure to check out the front foyer for this stuff. It is also a good “thank you” gift to all of the people who made your first semester awesome.


3rd week of February (Specific date TBA) – Bottle Drive in “YAH” neighborhood. On third week of February some of the Grad people are going to collect bottles from their neighborhood.

The Grad Council of McNally High School are in need of helpers for their fundraising activity. Here’s what the Grad Council Officers posted on their page!

Hey Tigers, we are looking for a couple [of] people who have access to a vehicle [in] a Saturday/Sunday afternoon. . .to help us with a bottle drive we are having. The more people who help, the more money we can make for [this year’s] Graduation. Spread the word and [message] us [through Facebook] for more information.

If you are not graduating this year but still want to help out, then come and help the Graduating class this year!

Be helpful!

So, here yah go Tigers. Make sure to check these activities out. Save the date(S). Don’t worry we’ll remind you about these.