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7 Things about newly released iPhone 5S and 5C

So your phone broke or maybe mom has finally decided that you need one. Your excitement has you googling the most up to date phones. Look left! Right! Sites are recommending numerous new releases and two stand out from the rest:

Apple announced the iphone 5S and iPhone 5C models on September 10, both of Apple’s releases look promising but which one to pick? Take a look at some of their qualities below.

Two Times Faster Than a iPhone 5

Since Apple CEO Steve Jobs’s death(pardon my French) I always thought Jobs’s iPhone 4S (that was released after his death), stood for “iPhone For Steve”. And how wrong I was. “S” meant an improved version of a previous model, in this case, iphone 5S is an improvement over the iPhone 5 by means of speed and other functions.

iPhone 5S’s are two times faster than its previous model iPhone 5; The first-of-its-kind chip packs twice as many transistors in a piece of silicon roughly the same size as the A6 – 102mm squared. Meaning you’ll be able to surf the net, take notes, pictures, playing Infinity Blade will be smoother and faster. Just like the speed of two Sonics combined!

iPhone 5C: Are you tight on money but want a sweet new phone, the cheaper model may be right for you! Because the 5C is a cheaper model, Apple announced that slightly older A6 chips are used which is a little slower than a A7 chip. A6 chips run on 32 bits so performing tasks will not be as fast but differences between processing speed is arguable. But what can you do? It is a cheaper model, I bet we wouldn’t know the

difference anyway!

Screen Resolution….Yeah!

iPhone 5S: A 5S’s has 4 inch IPS LCD Retina display of 1136×640 resolution or 326 ppi(pixels per inch). Your selfies will just be beautiful and for you gamers out there Infinity Blade will look majestic.

iPhone 5C: I’ll be honest with you: though Apple claims 5C’s are cheaper, all they upgraded was nothing much! Basically an iPhone 5 with a “C” added to its name. What Apple has done is they stopped production of iPhone 5, just so consumers will buy the iPhone 5 with a colourful, plastic exterior. If that’s your thing, go for it!

Good Ol’ Battery Life

iPhone 5S: Now almost every time Apple comes out with a new iPhone, battery life is pretty much the same. HOWEVER THIS TIME battery life is still the same. As Apple stated “ the iPhone 5S’s battery life so far is that the A7 processor delivers more without draining the lithium-ion pond any faster.” To simplify that, a battery life about the same as its previous model, maybe a 5 or 10 percent upgrade but that is all.

iPhone 5C: In addition to what I’ve said before, Apple announced during the reveal event of both models that ”Phone 5S and iPhone 5C are rated for 10 hours of 3G talk time (two more hours than iPhone 5), and 250 hours of standby.

Choice of Colour

iPhone 5S: IN ancient times, iPhones were only black and aluminum. Apple switched it up and made black and white. But now, 5S have colours gold, silver and “space grey”. Choosing a color? Not that difficult. Just go for one you like. You needn’t worry about colour fading(Not like we needed to in the first place) because now they 5S has a layer of aluminum unibody, while Space grey iPhones are anodized so if the paint scratches or chips, it will be noticeable depending on lighting conditions.

iPhone 5C: A “cheap” iPhone, means a plastic exterior; just more colourful. 5C’s come in colours green, yellow, pink, blue and white. These iPhones are also being sold with cases designed by Apple if you choose to buy them.

FBI Yourself into Your Cellular Device

iPhone 5S: I’m sure that most of us are looking forward to the fingerprint scanner feature, where you place a finger onto the home screen button and it scans you in. This new feature dubbed “Touch ID” takes detailed scans of fingerprints making it a fun and easy way to get onto home screen. You’ll be feeling like a CIA agent entering a secret threshold.

iPhone 5C: In this article, there was a many repetition that “they are cheap” or “exactly like a iPhone 5 just with added colour” and it’s true! 5C’s do not come with “Touch ID”. Come on Apple, add some new features!



Official pricing for both iPhones are expected to cost more in Canada than for our U.S. neighbors. Canadians can expect to pay around a $30 premium even though the Canadian dollar and U.S. dollar are pretty close (A 3 cent difference as of September 15, 2013).

Built in Camera Quality

iPhone 5C: After searching around a bit, there isn’t much about the 5C’s camera quality but like I said before–It’s an iPhone 5 with colour. Moving on…

iPhone 5S: All this iPhone hype seems to be surrounded by the new fingerprint scanner feature, while it should be focused on the built in cameras. Apple has been focusing on camera quality for quite a while now and a good reason to buy one of the models is because not only do the built in cameras have a faster aperture, a 15% larger active sensor area, they have added a slo-mo feature and even the flash has been improved(to 2 LED flash) to sense surrounding areas adjusting to colour, tone and temperature of where someone takes a picture. Here is a sample picture Apple used to demonstrate the 5S’s improvement.

So here are the seven things about both releases. Which one are you getting?