Welcome to Tiger Magazine, the official, free and streamlined way to catch up about everything McNally!  The page is still growing so throughout the year slight alterations will be made to improve the quality of our magazine.  The website engine supports both tablets and smart phones so you can seamlessly bring the news directly to your handheld devices without the hassle of getting on a computer!

So why read the magazine?  We have a calender that is constantly being updated with McNally school events to keep you on top of tiger life, we offer advice to those who ask (in our advice column), report world news, do reviews and much more!  You also show your support to the circulation of McNally news by reading.

Why write for the magazine?  If you have a passion or even a slight interest in writing / journalism McNally’s official magazine is a perfect fit. We are ran exactly like a professional online magazine (see,,,, which gives you an edge over others if you seek a career in journalism.  It is not mandatory that you are an expert English writer!

Skills you will learn or improve on:

How to operate the wordpress engine. Majority of professional blogs use the wordpress engine to write and publish articles at an efficient rate.  Upon signing up you will be given a wordpress account and will have the ability to write articles that suit your interest.  Once completed, all articles are sent to an editor who looks over your work and gives the OK for publishing.

How to manage your time effectively.  High school is a balancing act; you are responsible in managing extracurricular activities, homework and a social life.  Joining McNally’s online magazine would mean that, on top of your other commitments, you would be required to write a minimum of quality articles a week.  An article isn’t something that can simply be left to the last minute and expected to come well crafted.  Articles must be carefully thought out and written in a way that people find interesting.  No one wants to read a poorly made article just like how no one wants to eat a poorly made sandwich.  The McNally magazine wants to push the envelope of professionalism in student journalism.

How to be a team player.  Being a team player not only entails that you are friendly and able to work well with other people but also that you stay committed and reliable.  There is nothing more frustrating than someone who fails to satisfy their duty/role in a group.  Unfortunately it happens all the time in classroom group work but hopefully it will be non-existent in the McNally magazine’s future.

How to be a good journalist.  Journalism doesn’t mean articles should be bland and boring.  Sure the point of media is to be informative to your audience but ‘informative’ and ‘engaging’ aren’t on opposite sides of the writing spectrum.  Tiger Magazine aims to capture the attention of students – meaning the less bogged down in boring the articles are the more likely students will read them.  Considering the audience is an important aspect in all types of writing.  The style of which an article or book is written dictates the type of audience you attract. for instance informs their audience in a humorous way, attracting a much different audience than who seek to tell the entire story without any sprinkles on top.

Again, we encourage anyone interested to join us.  It is a great way to gain CAS hours and should be lots of fun!

Make sure to follow our school twitter and subscribe to our magazine in the sidebar!

Your school. Your Voice.


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