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30 Hour Famine Executive Position Application

Hello everyone! I hope you guys are enjoying your spring break! It’s April! We’re two months away from our summer vacation.

Just a reminder for those of you guys who wants to be a part of the Executive position for the 30 Hour Famine next year, applications will be opening next week! This year we are changing things up a bit.


1. If you are applying for the position. You need to send your up-to-date resume.

2. List extra-curricular activities that you are currently involved in.

3. Statement of interest. (In less than 500 words, please state why you want to be a part of the 30 Hour Famine Executive)


There are four open positions for the Executive team! So what are you waiting for, apply now. Use Google Drive to save paper and come on it’s more accessible.

Deadline for submission will be on April 9, 2014. No exceptions! Share your application to j.tomas1@share.epsb.ca and d.truong5@share.epsb.ca.

Good luck!


McNally’s New Art Club

Hello! I am glad that the supposedly humorous, disturbing, or profound (whichever way you look at it) mural brought you to this article! In case you ponder why have I put up such a picture, I see it as humans “consuming” trees, resources all the like to “produce” homes, thus also possibly products inside the house. Maybe a computer, furniture, lamp, refrigerator, food and other various items. Which is just a bunch of waste.

Back to topic:

A new club has emerged yet again and one that involves creativity to the max! Mcnally’s new Art Club current leaders Kaiyi Song, Angelica Fung, Cheryl Poon started the art club just this week on September 24, 2013. Because this club is still just a premature tadpole, there are implications that need to be sorted out such as a McNally Art Club logo, perhaps even t-shirts. What has been planned so far is that this club will be about collaboration.

This is a tadpole

Have you noticed in art classes, student’s typically work individually. I admit, collaboration is a toughie in art but that’s what this club is all about! Currently, the Art Club hopes to start fundraisers as well for different organizations. Soon to come is commissioning as a way to fundraise. Now if you don’t know what commissioning is, it is when someone requests an artist to make specific art for them which in turn the artist is paid. Such commissioning includes tattoos drawn from pens or markers, sculptures, paintings on canvas, basically materials available in the art room. The club also hopes to collaborate with other clubs such as LitMag, TigMag, and any other clubs that need a creative touch.

A big project in the making is a mural. Where this year’s Art Club will come to and create a certain theme that takes up a space on a wall in the school. For example, this year’s club decides to place a dot on the wall. Next year’s Art Club will do the same: Come together, think of something to put on the wall(let’s say they decided to paint a cow on the wall with the corresponding dot) and they put the cow on the wall. This will continue on until the wall has been completed in which former students can come back perhaps 10 years later and witness the completed mural. In addition to the mural, temporary murals(painted on boards) will be placed on those brown slots you see at school(leading to the art room). These temporary murals may be placed according to the season/holiday.

Street art mural by Nychos

The club is also working on reaching out to Edmonton art communities such as Strathcona to sell art for fundraisings, collaborate and also are joining art events like Ice on Whyte to expand views on different mediums of art. Who knows? Maybe we’ll even get a chance to carve some ice.

Artist unknown

These are just working ideas waiting to be put into action! So if you’re interested in joining these growing tadpole projects and perhaps bringing your own ideas into this club, come to the next meeting on October 4, 2013 at lunch on Friday in the art room where the rows of tables are at.

*Cough* Tadpoles don’t have legs *Cough*

Sorry I need to cough one more time

*Cough Ms. Purkis doesn’t art students drawing anime so we’re doing that too *Cough cough*

Leave a comment down below! What are your thoughts about this club, tadpoles or anime in general?

Veni, Vidi, Vici Club


Leader(Founder) : Rubani Singh (Grade 12)
Description : When I came back from Sunia (Seminar United Nations International Affairs), I came back inspired. The presentations presented to me really moved and inspired me. We did a candle walk on a serious problem that aboriginal women face on a daily basis in the country that you and me live in, in Canada. All the councillors and a representative from AIDS made us aware about some more universal problems and provided us with volunteering opportunities to help out. Last but certainly not the least was the civil war in Syria. It was the topic that we had the security council on. I represented Lebanon, the country who’s 2/3 population consists of refugees. The in depth research introduced me how many problems Lebanon has been facing even after the help they are providing. So this group, Veni, Vidi, Vici which means “I came, I saw, I conquered.” I aim to make our school more aware of what is going on around the world. As a school collectively we can raise money, even if its a little, it can make a difference.

Anyone who wishes to be part of this group to make a difference and feel glorified, you can join the group on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/565191280204189/