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30 Hour Famine Executive Position Application

Hello everyone! I hope you guys are enjoying your spring break! It’s April! We’re two months away from our summer vacation.

Just a reminder for those of you guys who wants to be a part of the Executive position for the 30 Hour Famine next year, applications will be opening next week! This year we are changing things up a bit.


1. If you are applying for the position. You need to send your up-to-date resume.

2. List extra-curricular activities that you are currently involved in.

3. Statement of interest. (In less than 500 words, please state why you want to be a part of the 30 Hour Famine Executive)


There are four open positions for the Executive team! So what are you waiting for, apply now. Use Google Drive to save paper and come on it’s more accessible.

Deadline for submission will be on April 9, 2014. No exceptions! Share your application to j.tomas1@share.epsb.ca and d.truong5@share.epsb.ca.

Good luck!


Speak Out Forum 2014


Do you have something to say about the “Education” in Alberta? Then you should join the Speak Out Forum 2014.

Here’s what the description for the conference from their website.

The Speak Out Conference is an opportunity for Alberta’s youth to come together from every corner of the province once a year to discuss their perspectives and ideas on how to improve education.

This year, we will bring together 200 students, aged 14 to 19, to meet with Alberta Education.  Students will have the opportunity to learn more about, and provide input on, the work and initiatives going on within Alberta Education.  We also offer a concurrent conference for chaperones where we will highlight initiatives and give opportunities for input into the future of education in Alberta.

Check out the draft agenda below for more information.

To ensure full provincial representation, there are 40 student seats available for each zone, and representation from a single school/group may be limited to 4 participants. We are looking for students with different backgrounds, opinions, and experiences.  There is no fee to attend the conference and meals will be provided for the duration of the conference. We will provide public transportation on Greyhound buses and accommodations for out of town participants and their chaperones.

The application is now online!  Your application is not complete until we receive your signed Parent/Guardian Consent form with the completed chaperone information.  Every student participant regardless of age (14-19) must come with a chaperone.  A chaperone can bring a group of students when required.

Please send us your signed consent form as soon as possible. We must receive your completed consent form by 4:30 p.m. February 28, 2014, but the sooner the better!  The Speak Out team will send a prize to the first 50 students that submit their signed consent forms.  The Conference fills up fast so apply early to avoid disappointment!

If you would like more information, email us at speakout@gov.ab.ca.

What are you waiting for? Register now.

Tigers celebrates Remembrance Day


Last November 8, 2013, students, staffs and people of the communities around McNally High School gathered together in the school’s large gym to commemorate the people who fought and died during the war to defend our precious country.

As usual, the Student’s Union, headed by it President Alex Kwan with the support and advice of the S.U.’s advisers, Ms. Fiebich and Ms. Tait but this time the main organizer of this year’s Remembrance Day Ceremony was Nelson Law the Vice President (External) of the students Union. The ceremony was attended by almost all of the students of McNally and the ceremony went good in general.

Ask for a TUTOR Now!


Do you find any of your courses hard? Some concepts are confusing? In other words do you need help on any of your courses? Well, you do not have to worry now. McNally High School is offering a Peer Tutoring Program which will run throughout the year. Peer tutors have a very flexible schedule on the entire week. And wait, maybe you are wondering how much will it cost you to have a tutor? Well, well, well, you do not need to worry about that because you will have a peer tutor for FREE. Yes, you read it right, it is for FREE! All you need is a confidence and eagerness to learn. So what are you waiting for, see Ms. Loretta Ng in Room 107 for more details. We should aim nothing but the best.

I.B. Kids registers for I.B. Exams on May


Mrs. Laurel Usher, the International Baccalaureate (I.B.) Coordinator at McNally High School registers the I.B. students for their I.B. exam last week. Students registered in I.B. will write their exams on May 2014. It is considered as one of the toughest High School curriculum in the whole world today. Here is the list of I.B. Exams that the students are writing.

In addition to those exams, the students will hand in assessments that will be assess internally by their teachers. It includes Lab Write-ups for all the Science S.L. and H.L. courses, Math Portfolio for Math Studies S.L., Math Exploration for Math S.L., Oral Presentation for English Literature H.L and Oral Commentary and Oral Presentation on English Literature H.L.. Students taking Computer Science S.L. needs to submit a Computer Science assignment and for those students who are taking languages other than English will have their Written Assignment and an Oral Assessment.

That seems an easy list eh? But no! It’s challenging. And wait, there is more.

The students doing the I.B. also needs to hand in an Extended Essay, need to fulfill the objectives of the CAS Hours and take and do the T.O.K. Course and assessments.

More detailed break down of all the I.B. Assessments and more information about the I.B. and the I.B.O. will be posted soon.

EXTENDED ESSAY!!!!!! [Experience part 1]

Ah, literature. A beautiful composition of words bunched together to stimulate and perhaps inspire minds. But what are essays? Essays reflect a reader’s opinion or view on that piece of literature if they so choose to write on it. In fact there are many types of essays. The one I’m specifically referring to is the IB‘s Extended Essay! This essay that IB requires full IB students(perhaps even students who wanted to do the Extended Essay if they were not full IB) to do is what the student so chooses to write about. Be it something involving mathematics, language arts, social studies, biology, psychology, chemistry, art, or even music. As long as if it’s a subject that the school offers, you may choose that topic. This article and future articles regarding the Extended Essay will be from my own personal experience to give future Extended Essay writers insight, to what doing this essay is like as well as advice.

The extended essay can be on just about anything you want! An example I can give you is while wandering around through the internet, I came upon this forum there was an extended essay about the game Assassin’s Creed and how accurate was it to the real Italy during that era. When I read this, I just thought about how much fun they must have had “working” on their extended essay by “researching” on Assassin’s Creed.

“Researching” on Assassin’s Creed……. *For hours on end, so tiring.*

We had our in-school field trip on September 26, 2013. My suggestion is if students don’t want to stress about the first day, get ahead. What I mean by this is when Ms. Usher hands you that purple duo-tang with those grandiose words(Your Name-Extended Essay), you start with awareness of your surroundings. Retrieve topic ideas from a newspaper, television, a senior home or even Facebook. That’s right, Facebook. If you are like me, and only go on Facebook for those funny pictures from See-More or heart-warming videos from wimp.com, there will definitely be something there for you. For example, I was scrolling through pictures one day and found this interesting picture about anechoic chambers, where these rooms absorb all outside sound. A sort of sensory deprivation. However in this chamber the noise is absorbed so well that people can hear their internal organs working such as breathing, blood running through veins and a ominous beating of the heart. So my topic thus far deals with a therapeutic sensory deprivation under psychology.

Back to topic: After you find your topic, bombard your supervisor with visits asking questions, getting advice and discussing your topic, how to find primary sources, just to make it a little more focused. You will get a more specific topic when you go to the library and search for books.

Now in the summer you can be a little lazy about this: Head on to the Rutherford library AND….do nothing in particular. Except look for books, articles on your vague topic. It doesn’t have to be concrete information, just general information is fine. The first time I visited the Rutherford library was rather confusing. They have two libraries: Rutherford North and Rutherford South. DO NOT go to Rutherford South. There is nothing for you there unless it’s a really hot summer and you wish to “accidentally” wander into a secret library with just the most majestic air conditioning there can be on a 30+ degrees day. To summarize all this, get familiar with the library, the first visit was rather confusing for me. If you need help, just ask the front desk in Rutherford North because they are very friendly and very helpful.

For people doing their extended essay on psychology, everyone is provided an account with Questia, a very large online library. Yes, they have a lot of sources. No, it is not helpful for psychology in my personal experience. There was absolutely nothing on sensory deprivation tanks; doing some general research just from a google search, or from an actual library before the in-school field trip is a good idea.

If you have taken some of the advice in this article, during your first extended essay field trip, be ready to be called a try-hard(though you didn’t actually do anything in particular).

This article will be updated periodically so keep an eye out for new experiences and information!


University of Alberta Open House 2013


This coming Saturday, October 19,2013, the University of Alberta will have their Open House at the Butterdome. The U of A will be offering free presentations all day for the different faculty, campus and residence tours and an Early Admission workshop. The purpose of the presentations is to give the students an overview about what the university course will be like. They will also give an overview on the possible careers of the faculty that you’ve chosen. This a great opportunity for every single student to ask professors or even the current students of the faculty they want to be in about the course, the perks for being in the course and of course you can ask for their own experiences on their university life.The Open House will start at 9AM and will end at about 4PM. The U of A is expecting thousands of students and parents to gather together at the University of Alberta North campus on that date because let us admit it, a lot of students wants to get into U of A. If you want to save a spot on each presentation, you can make a “day-schedule” at http://www.admissions.ualberta.ca/recruitment-events/Open-House.aspx   .Also, according to a staff of the U of A, the parking in the university will be free for the open house day. So whether you are driving or taking the ETS, do not worry. The most important thing is that you attend this years U of A Open House.


McNally’s Walk for Water 2013

Last October 11, 2013, around 400 students participated in the third annual Walk for Water of McNally High School. The walk was started by watching videos about the problems regarding water around the world – mostly among the Third World countries – in the large gym of the school. The Walk was organized by the Student’s Union of McNally, headed by the Student’s Union President, Alex Kwan. According to an interview of Bill Huang, one of the Vice Presidents of S.U., said, “For Walk for Water, the executive committee were the ones that put lots of hard work into organizing the [event]. There were few that worked especially [it was] hard to make sure the event goes as planned. The teachers that were involved were Mrs. Plant, Miss. Tait and Mrs. Fiebich.” The route was shortened this year due to some reasons, last year it was around 8 kilometer walk but this year it was only about 6 kilometers. The main purpose of the event is to raise awareness about water issues around the world.

I asked some people about what they think about the walk and here is what they said:

“I think it goes for everyone, Walk for Water was a success. At first, we were panicking because only 60 students have registered in the first 3 days. But as we moved onto the deadline, more and more students came piling into the Tiger’s Den to hand in their forms! Things got a little out of hands during some parts of it, but overall, I think the experience was well worth it. What surprised me was that the pump Mr. Skoreyko was preparing broke down so we had to walk to the shore to get water, which I think was a even more impacting experience.”

– Bill Huang, Grade 12

“[Laughs], it was quite the experience lifting a 42 lbs Jug, I mean it was my final year and I wanna make it count. All in all I was pretty impressed from the planning to the huge success of our third annual walk for water :’)”

-Ka Yin Tsang, Grade 12

“Great events bring great achievements to the school. This was one of them.”

-Tushar Malhotra, Grade 12

There you have it, and it was totally another successful event of McNally High School.

For Grade 10’s and 11’s I encourage you to participate in this awesome and meaningful event for the next year and continue to make a difference.

If you were not able to do the walk, well do not worry since McNally High School will have more events like this in the coming months. If you want to know more about the future events of McNally, just keep checking our website. I hope to see you all in the next event.

Grad Council 2013 – 2014


Hello McNally Tigers, meet your newly elected Grad Council Officials now!

President : Alana Mawhinney

Vice President : Juliver Tomas

Secretary : Jasmine Rai

Treasurer : Sera Sajeev

Fundraising Chair : Gabriela Guzman

Entertainment/Decorations Chair : Zoya Hussain

Publicity Chair : Rachel Rebonne

Graduation Requirements

To all the Grade 12 students out there please make sure that you guys meet this requirements.

  • Earn a minimum of 100 credits
  • Complete English 30-1 or 30-2
  • Complete Social 30 or 33
  • Complete Math 20P, 23 or 24
  • Complete Science 20 or 24 or Biology 20 or Chemistry 20 or Physics 20
  • Physical Education 10
  • Career and Life Management
  • 10 Credits , in any combination, from
    • Career and Technologies (CTS), or
    • Fine Arts, or
    • Second Languages, or
    • Physical Education 20 or 30, or
    • Locally developed courses in CTS, fine arts, or second languages, or
    • Two 35 level courses from any trade in the Registered Apprenticeship program
  • Earn , in addition to English 30-1/30-2, and Social 30/33: 10 credits in any 30-level courses, including:
    • Locally developed courses
    • 3000 series, advanced level, in CTS
    • 35-level Work Experience

Are you excited for your Graduation? Just keep checking this website and find out more about our Graduation. Cheer!

New Year. New Start. – Sophie

This is an article written by Sophie Scott a Sophomore student. She is basically talking about her first month in McNally. Enjoy!


Every school year feels like a new start for me. Another chance to try to be organized, another chance to get better grades, to try to eat healthy, improve your style from last year and maybe get a decent photo ID card. Every year that I get this new chance, it seems like all of my motivation to be an awesome student just dies away in about 2 weeks.
This year has been the exception to that. I have seen this in not only myself, but in others around me too.

I have Math first period every single morning. People who know me, know that Math is my worst possible subject. I have never been good at math. Walking into my first class, I had pretty low expectations for myself but Mr.Clark said exactly what I needed to hear, “It doesn’t matter how bad you have done in math before, how much you think you suck. Leave that all at the door because this is a new beginning.” This has set the tone for the rest of the school year for me. Walking into school with that kind of attitude has been amazing.

The bad grades you got last year that are still discouraging you, leave it at the door because it is a new beginning.
The friends who you got into fights with last year, leave it at the door because it is a new beginning.
The old habits of not studying or showing up late, leave it at the door because it is a new beginning.
The passive action of littering, put the garbage in the garbage because it a new beginning.

I could go on and on but you get my point. I once heard somebody say “People who end up being great, are great because they make ordinary moments, extraordinary opportunities.” This is so true. All of us have been in school for about 10-12 years. We are used to school, we know what to expect, we know what happens, it is nothing new and it is an ordinary part of every day life. For me, instead of just treating school like school but really seeing it as an opportunity that is going to make my future has changed this year for me.

McNally is an amazing school that is full of opportunities, but if school is something to you that is just, well, school. Then you won’t get to be apart of all of those amazing chances. I encourage you to create your new beginning this year. Join a club, make new friends, stay on top of your game. Get a new perspective on our school and see it as an awesome place. I promise you that it will be so much easier to wake up for school, if you have something to look forward to.  Start off this year, knowing that is a new beginning and do things to keep yourself motivated! Just as Amelia Earhart says, “The most effective way to do it; is to do it.” Be effective in having a great school, by making it a great school year for yourself!