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“Beach Day” for Grade 12’s

Grad Week started today and the seniors called it the “Beach Day”. Grade 12’s got wet, enjoyed the sun and enjoyed splashing water to each other. It was a really good lunch time although not everyone had the opportunity to throw a water balloon to someone.

Thank you so much for all the Grade 12’s who participated in this Grad event. Please continue to participate in other Grad week activities.

Check out some cool photos below.


30 Hour Famine Executive Position Application

Hello everyone! I hope you guys are enjoying your spring break! It’s April! We’re two months away from our summer vacation.

Just a reminder for those of you guys who wants to be a part of the Executive position for the 30 Hour Famine next year, applications will be opening next week! This year we are changing things up a bit.


1. If you are applying for the position. You need to send your up-to-date resume.

2. List extra-curricular activities that you are currently involved in.

3. Statement of interest. (In less than 500 words, please state why you want to be a part of the 30 Hour Famine Executive)


There are four open positions for the Executive team! So what are you waiting for, apply now. Use Google Drive to save paper and come on it’s more accessible.

Deadline for submission will be on April 9, 2014. No exceptions! Share your application to j.tomas1@share.epsb.ca and d.truong5@share.epsb.ca.

Good luck!

Students Union Update (March 24-28, 2014)

Hey hey hey Tigers? What’s up? See what your Student’s Union have for you this week.

First, your SU wants to thank you for all your support during the Pie-ing the Teachers Day. Together we raised more than $200 for a project that Mr. Gardner is supporting in Uganda. Thank you so much Tigers!

So what’s up with SU this week?


Hurry down to the front foyer during Lunch to buy your tiger gear! SU will be selling crew necks for $30 regular/ $25 Gold Card and sweats for $40 regular/ $35 Gold Card. You will also get a FREE Spring Dance ticket for your crewneck/ sweatpants purchase for a limited time only from Monday Mar. 24 to Friday Mar. 28. (One Time Offer Only Per ID Card)  Don’t miss the deal! Check out the designs below. Make sure to check it out!





Your Students’ Union will be hosting a dance on Thursday, April 17th featuring DJ Astro Koi! All tickets will include one free drink and a chance to win some amazing door prizes! We are further extending our invitation by giving students the opportunity to invite guests who are registered high school students as long as you are purchasing their tickets on their behalf and have their school’s administration send an email to our Principal!

*Tickets are $5, sold at the Front Foyer!*

Alive bar.jpg

WestJet “Christmas-Themed” Video Goes Viral




WestJet company insists that its holiday stunt that is going viral this week was not actually intended to be a commercial in disguise. In the video, which surpassed 15 million views on Thursday, November 12, 2013, the airline hatches an elaborate holiday surprise for more than 250 travelers heading to Calgary on flights from Toronto and Hamilton.

WestJet customers are seen stumbling upon a video kiosk that connects them with a blue-suited Santa Claus, who asks what they would like for Christmas once they scanned their boarding passes. A family asks for a big TV, a boy wants an Android tablet, and one man asks for socks and underwear — which he will come to regret. WestJet staff then scramble to buy the gifts to fill those requests in Calgary shopping centers – like Cross Iron Mills which is featured in the video, which are wrapped and delivered via a luggage carousel in Calgary.

The video was presented to McNally High School students by some teachers this week and it really made the students, who have seen the video, felt mix emotions – more of like a happy and sad emotion. Whatever the purpose of the company by making this video, it does not really matter, as long as they are spreading love and happiness.

Just a tip for everyone, if they ask you what you want, tell them the thing that you really want for Christmas this year because who knows if that person asking you is a WestJet staff.

Have you seen the WestJet Christmas video yet? If not you might want to watch it. Click the link below and enjoy.


Tigers celebrates Remembrance Day


Last November 8, 2013, students, staffs and people of the communities around McNally High School gathered together in the school’s large gym to commemorate the people who fought and died during the war to defend our precious country.

As usual, the Student’s Union, headed by it President Alex Kwan with the support and advice of the S.U.’s advisers, Ms. Fiebich and Ms. Tait but this time the main organizer of this year’s Remembrance Day Ceremony was Nelson Law the Vice President (External) of the students Union. The ceremony was attended by almost all of the students of McNally and the ceremony went good in general.

Ask for a TUTOR Now!


Do you find any of your courses hard? Some concepts are confusing? In other words do you need help on any of your courses? Well, you do not have to worry now. McNally High School is offering a Peer Tutoring Program which will run throughout the year. Peer tutors have a very flexible schedule on the entire week. And wait, maybe you are wondering how much will it cost you to have a tutor? Well, well, well, you do not need to worry about that because you will have a peer tutor for FREE. Yes, you read it right, it is for FREE! All you need is a confidence and eagerness to learn. So what are you waiting for, see Ms. Loretta Ng in Room 107 for more details. We should aim nothing but the best.

I.B. Kids registers for I.B. Exams on May


Mrs. Laurel Usher, the International Baccalaureate (I.B.) Coordinator at McNally High School registers the I.B. students for their I.B. exam last week. Students registered in I.B. will write their exams on May 2014. It is considered as one of the toughest High School curriculum in the whole world today. Here is the list of I.B. Exams that the students are writing.

In addition to those exams, the students will hand in assessments that will be assess internally by their teachers. It includes Lab Write-ups for all the Science S.L. and H.L. courses, Math Portfolio for Math Studies S.L., Math Exploration for Math S.L., Oral Presentation for English Literature H.L and Oral Commentary and Oral Presentation on English Literature H.L.. Students taking Computer Science S.L. needs to submit a Computer Science assignment and for those students who are taking languages other than English will have their Written Assignment and an Oral Assessment.

That seems an easy list eh? But no! It’s challenging. And wait, there is more.

The students doing the I.B. also needs to hand in an Extended Essay, need to fulfill the objectives of the CAS Hours and take and do the T.O.K. Course and assessments.

More detailed break down of all the I.B. Assessments and more information about the I.B. and the I.B.O. will be posted soon.

Senior Womens Volleyball Update

Written by : Rubani Singh

The senior womens volleyball team has been doing fantastic this season in. They won the consolation prize at their first tournament. Last tuesday they had their first league game at McNally and they killed or as they like to call it, they “glazed it!” Today, 8th october 2013 they played their second league at McNally High School and had some very cheerful supporters which according to the team players were very much appreciated. Our team almost win but lost by a couple points today. They are not giving up and are going to fight through and bring more victories back to McNally. Senior Women Volleyball are “nothing but the best!”. Roar!

Do you want to see their pictures? Check it out soon.


McNally’s Walk for Water 2013

Last October 11, 2013, around 400 students participated in the third annual Walk for Water of McNally High School. The walk was started by watching videos about the problems regarding water around the world – mostly among the Third World countries – in the large gym of the school. The Walk was organized by the Student’s Union of McNally, headed by the Student’s Union President, Alex Kwan. According to an interview of Bill Huang, one of the Vice Presidents of S.U., said, “For Walk for Water, the executive committee were the ones that put lots of hard work into organizing the [event]. There were few that worked especially [it was] hard to make sure the event goes as planned. The teachers that were involved were Mrs. Plant, Miss. Tait and Mrs. Fiebich.” The route was shortened this year due to some reasons, last year it was around 8 kilometer walk but this year it was only about 6 kilometers. The main purpose of the event is to raise awareness about water issues around the world.

I asked some people about what they think about the walk and here is what they said:

“I think it goes for everyone, Walk for Water was a success. At first, we were panicking because only 60 students have registered in the first 3 days. But as we moved onto the deadline, more and more students came piling into the Tiger’s Den to hand in their forms! Things got a little out of hands during some parts of it, but overall, I think the experience was well worth it. What surprised me was that the pump Mr. Skoreyko was preparing broke down so we had to walk to the shore to get water, which I think was a even more impacting experience.”

– Bill Huang, Grade 12

“[Laughs], it was quite the experience lifting a 42 lbs Jug, I mean it was my final year and I wanna make it count. All in all I was pretty impressed from the planning to the huge success of our third annual walk for water :’)”

-Ka Yin Tsang, Grade 12

“Great events bring great achievements to the school. This was one of them.”

-Tushar Malhotra, Grade 12

There you have it, and it was totally another successful event of McNally High School.

For Grade 10’s and 11’s I encourage you to participate in this awesome and meaningful event for the next year and continue to make a difference.

If you were not able to do the walk, well do not worry since McNally High School will have more events like this in the coming months. If you want to know more about the future events of McNally, just keep checking our website. I hope to see you all in the next event.

UPDATE : Walk for Water

Is water a human right or a consumer right? What do you think?


McNally High School students will be participating in a 6 kilometer walk to raise awareness towards water rights this Thursday October 10, 2013. This event is geared towards raising funds to bring clean drinking water to destitute families in the third world.  When families have access to clean drinking water, the cycle of property is broken in several significant ways by:

1. Improving overall community health –  More than 1 billion people use unsafe sources of drinking water and preventable water-borne diseases claim the lives of more than 5 million people annually – most of whom are children.

2.  Improving the lives of women – In most rural regions of developing countries, women often shoulder an unequal share of life’s everyday chores and burdens.  These take time and are energy intensive, especially collecting water, since walking to and from the water source and waiting in line can take up to four hours each day.

3.  Improving the lives of young girls – Mothers often rely on their daughters for help with their heavy work load, and because of this, the girls cannot attend school.

4.  Helping families grow enough food – More than 40% of Africans do not have enough food to eat on a daily basis.

Unfortunately, as of October 8, 2013, the students who signed up for the event is still below 200. The Students’ Union is expecting over 300 people to join the event this year. According to a source, the S.U. ordered 400 piece of Walk for Water shirts for the event and now that they only have less than 200 people who signed up, they are pressured on what to do to encourage more people to participate. The Students Union have one more day to encourage people to join the event. In the end it is not about the number of people who will walk for water but how those people who walked raised awareness about the water issue that is going on globally.